PC doesn't boot. Black screen with underscore

  Richard Jolley 13:18 02 Jun 2017

Hi. I have recently reinstalled Windows 10 on my Desktop PC.

The PC is not booting to windows. Instead it displays a solid underscore in the top left corner of the screen and does nothing. No opportunity to enter BIOS, even. Nothing except the underscore.

If I turn the PC off at the mains and leave it for 30 seconds or so the PC will then boot to Windows fine, so I wonder if there is something stored in non volatile memory somewhere that is causing a problem. I can't think what it might be though.

The problem started when I reinstalled Windows. The first time I had to cancel the installation and when the computer rebooted, the underscore appeared. I managed to get Windows installed by powering down at the mains and assumed that the problem would correct itself after formatting my C drive. But it hasn't. It currently happens after every time I restart the PC.

Does anybody have any suggestions to what the problem might be?

Thanks for reading

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