PC Crashing/Freezing

  nickjhutch 09:51 01 Jul 2014

Basically my PC started doing this a couple months back. Broke it down into parts to easily refer to.

Part 1. Usually around the Win login screen, the PC would freeze completely. So I would restart, sometimes I would need to restart it a couple more times just to get the display up and it to boot.

Part 2. The next time, it will normally be within 5 mins of logging in where it will repeat Pt 1 again. When I finally get going again, it will most likely do it again within 15-20 mins of using my PC.

Part 3. Also, also well as completely freezing, it will do the occasional blue screen and also shows a 'corrupt' screen (more frequent than blue screen).

Example Pic 1. click here Pic 2. click here 4. Usually around 30 mins or so with messing about (restarting countless times), it will be fine and run smoothly for hours on end!

Example Part

  BRYNIT 10:21 01 Jul 2014

From the picture you are showing it seem like the video card is failing.

If still under guarantee contact seller for repair.

Desktop computers.

If it's on board graphics you may have to buy a dedicated card only if a free slot is available.

If dedicated graphics card take side off computer and check the fan is clear of dust.

Make sure computer is disconnected from power first.

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