pc is crashing (coloured squares appear)

  SiranoSimons 20:30 26 Feb 2018

My pc is crashing, with coloured squares (usually green) showing up (I can still see parts of the desktop – the green squares don’t encompass the entire screen).

Image: click here normally happens when running a program such as Premiere. Though has recently occurred the moment I try do anything on the computer. I've tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers. Also checked cpu and gpu heat, both fine.

Ran FurMark GPU stress test. Usually crashes before I can run it. Managed to run the test couple of times - finished but crash immediately after (score 2173 on Full HD preset).

Hardware: Asus Prime B350-Plus Ryzen 7 CPU GeForce GTX 670 Windows 10 Home PSU: EVA 500w

Any help much appreciated.


  Flak999 09:53 02 Mar 2018

Looks very much like your graphics card is on the way out! I had a very similar problem last year and it was my graphics card dying!

  alanrwood 10:15 02 Mar 2018

If your graphics card requires a separate power supply cable from the PSU check that the plug is firmly attached to the graphics card.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:20 02 Mar 2018

Agree with Flak999, looks like your graphics card is expiring.

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