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  gazzaboy 09:55 11 Apr 2007

Have windows vista and occasionally have had windows error messages telling me that i should install 'disc cleanup programs' from windows explorer.Do i need to do this ,i was told not to download these free pc clean up programs.Will the vista disc clean up do the job

  Kate B 10:06 11 Apr 2007

If you're getting those while online and using Internet Explorer, ignore them. They're designed to scare you into paying for rubbish software, and sometimes contain malware themselves.

You could do two things. One, run scans with all the usual antimalware: antivirus, Windows Defender, SA Squared, Spybot, Adaware, Superantispyware just to make sure there is nothing out of order on your machine; and you should do that regularly anyway. And second, stop using Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox click here with the Adblock click here, Adblock Plus click here and Filterset.G updater click here extensions. That way you will never see those popups, or indeed any other advert, again.

  anskyber 10:10 11 Apr 2007

Yes sort of, click here but it depends how far you want to go. clean up will not deal with cookies if they bother you although you can deal with them in IE7 (assuming you use it)

CCleaner is meant to be compatible with Vista but I do not use it. Many have said that using as few of the third party applications as possible is better with Vista and I agree.

I do use the defragmenting program Diskeeper which I have found to be excellent however.

  gazzaboy 14:02 11 Apr 2007

currently have aol which is my home page,but i am on xbox live so do i need to still use internet explorer for that ie hotmail account?I have already got adaware and bullgaurd 7.0.What is firefox?

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