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PC cant see Samsung tablet

  Hetti 09:50 27 Jun 2013

Win 7 I connected my Samsung Galaxy tablet last night and PC recognized it, today it cannot see it. Any help please?

  Hetti 13:26 28 Jun 2013

Chronos the 2nd

I downloaded Kies and PC recognized my Samsung Galaxy phone but still cant see Samsung tablet...... no error message.

I thought maybe I need to install Kies on the tablet too(not very sure about this sort of thing)but when I located Kies in playstore/Samsung apps I got the message this app is not compatible with your device.

I have been able to do what I wanted via my phone now (show some photos to an elderly relative),would like to sort the problem out if possible but its not so important now.


  alanrwood 16:16 28 Jun 2013

Kies is a most unreliable program and had many problems over the years. I have two Samsung phones and earlier this year neither would connect using Kies. After many email exchanges with Samsung support they finally agreed that the latest version at that time was not compatible with the phones. To get it working I had to search for an earlier version and try it. It then worked fine. Samsung could not even provide a download for an earlier version as it was "not company Policy"

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