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  HXP 19:50 30 Sep 2013

Greatful for the website - undertsand it needs advertisement support. I don't mind the adverts ... I just don't like them stalking me.

Is there any way to stop the adverts on the edges of the screen scrolling down when i scroll down the page - annoying to say the least. I don't mind if the add is repeated in a static column but the scrolling I find awful.

Any suggestions apart from masking tape on monitor welcome

  woodchip 23:31 30 Sep 2013

Yes Turn Java Script off in your Browser

  wee eddie 00:22 01 Oct 2013

Just run this Adblock Plus and most of the problems will evaporate

  Matt Egan 10:15 02 Oct 2013

Of course, if everyone uses Adblock Plus this site (and most of the internet) will evaporate, too.

  wee eddie 10:31 02 Oct 2013

Matt: I was happy to accept the Advertising when it only made my page take 20 to 30 seconds to download, but when every move, from one page to the next, started to take between 60 and 90 seconds to become available. I downloaded AdBlock Plus.

It was the Wrap around, constantly changing and short movie, Ads that did the damage.

Apart from the PCA's Site's extra Adverts taking time they were using huge quantities of my available Bandwidth. The Bean Counters have asked for too much of us.

  Matt Egan 10:07 03 Oct 2013

wee eddie, you are of course entitled to do what you wish with your own browser, and your contributions to the site are always welcome. But the fact is that if everyone who used the site blocked ads, there'd be no PC Advisor.

  wee eddie 11:50 03 Oct 2013

Matt: I would argue with you, because, I have no problem with Advertising on PCA.

The problem is that some of the Adverts are designed by Wonks who have Super Speed Delivery Systems. They have no real concept of the aggravation that their Multi Megabyte sized Adverts cause.

Feel free to advertise the same product with a *kb sized advert, perhaps with a link to the fancy one, on another server, and I'd drop AdBlocker like a shot.

I want to support PCA, but object to spending more time, waiting for some Advert to download, than I do reading the Page I wish to view, because one cannot scroll down that page, until the Advert has fully loaded.

I know how long Pages take to Download, now that I have upgrades my line to 9Mbps ~ 60 to 90 seconds. I can't imagine how long they'd have taken on my old 1.8Mbps line

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