PC Adviser e-mail

  Splodge 12:31 25 May 2012

Just received an e-mail about the latest issue of PC Adviser featuring Windows8.

Rather than get out of my comfortable seat, I decided to use their facility to purchase it through their site.

So, I filled in my my details and credit card number and and elected to have it sent and clicked "send".

Alas, I immediately received a notification that the site was unobtainable!

Now, little worry really, I can just hop out and buy a copy EXCEPT I am not sure whether or not the message is now "in the digital post and it will finally arrive.

Guess I will have to keep checking my credit card's site to see if a transaction appears! And contain my curiosity for a couple of days longer.

  simonjary 22:30 25 May 2012

We'll look into this. Please send further details so we can see what happened. Thanks!

  Splodge 07:46 26 May 2012

There is not much to add really.

I do much of my shopping on the net. I have 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards and routinely pay or transfer funds between them.

So I filled in my details as usual, pressed confirm and imkediately there was an odd screen saying that I could not connect and it then disappeared!

What can I say, these things happen but I suspect that your new site needs testing.

Meanwhile I will give it a few days and then check if my credit card has been charged! If not I will try again.

I have kept your original e-mail announcing the product so I will be able to have another go!

That's life!

  rdave13 21:47 26 May 2012

I think that you must have upset the GREMLIN as you posted your concerns on the Windows 8 forum. Is that a forewarning about the fate of 8 I wonder?


  Matt Egan 10:22 28 May 2012

Hi Splodge - anything further? We'd really like to resolve this for you.

  Splodge 11:17 28 May 2012

Nope! I have been waiting for a successful buyer to confirm a purchase.

I did note that it is available at some W H Smith stores, so in my travels I will pop in there.

Have PC Advisor attempted a trial purchase by one of its staff from their home?

  Matt Egan 11:34 28 May 2012

We're investigating now. Thanks for your patience.

  Matt Egan 17:45 29 May 2012

Right, here is the definitive answer from the people in the know.

We tested the page as you suggested, and it was fine - although it is possible there was an error in the past. However, if you didn't get a confirmation email then your order would not have gone through.

So feel free to put the order through again or alternatively we can send you the WH Smiths stockists spread sheet attached so that you can find your nearest store and ask for it.

Any further problems, do give me a shout.

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