PB laptop will only boot after battery drained

  Leanne2112 19:36 02 Jul 2012

My laptop wouldn't boot yesterday, the fan came on and the 'on' led came one, it beeped when I plugged in the charger but nothing on the screen and no post beeps etc. I let the battery drain fully, plugged it back in once it powered off and it booted fine. I shut it down last night and it did the same today on boot up, nothing. Again, discharging the battery fully brought it back. Would anyone have any idea what's causing this?

  difarn 23:06 02 Jul 2012

You could try...

With a fully charged battery, take out the power cord, remove the battery and press the start button for 20 seconds, put the power cord back in, boot up the laptop and then put the battery back in.

Another thing to do is to replace the CMOS battery.

  lotvic 13:04 03 Jul 2012

difarn, "boot up the laptop and then put the battery back in"

did you really mean to say that?

  difarn 13:46 03 Jul 2012

Yes - the laptop should boot on mains power. I have a friend who did just this with a similar problem.

  lotvic 18:27 03 Jul 2012

That's not what I meant, It sounds as if you're saying to put battery back in whilst the laptop is on and running.

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