Partition hidden: Software problem or Hardware?

  iamqaisarkhan 06:56 10 Dec 2018

Yesterday, I published a 3 x 6 feet banner in Office Publisher, saved it into PDF and PNG format and shutdown my laptop. After a few minutes, I turned on my laptop to edit these files. When my laptop turned on, I didn't see two partitions (Disk D and Disk E) but Disk C where I have installed my Windows 10 was shown. I opened Disk Management to take a look at the problem. Local Disk C was shown healthy as Primary and System partition but the other two partitions were neither shown healthy or primary partition nor unallocated. I tried to change drive letters and paths but I message dialog was opened:

"The operation failed to complete because Disk Management Console is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task...."

I tried to reinstall windows 10. On first try, I didn't see any one partition of D and E. I restarted the process. Now, Partition C and D were shown but E was not. I reinstalled windows 10 and checked out file explorer and Disk management again to know the problem. Now, I was able to change drive letter and path for Disk D (2nd partition) and Local Disk D was mounted. But the problem persisted with 3rd Partition. I tried to fix it with DISKPART. When I given the command "list disk" and "list volume" only three volumes were shown, first that is active partition needed for windows (500mb), second volume C where my windows is installed and third local disk D but fourth partition (Local Disk E) was not shown. When given command "list partition" all four partitions were shown but fourth partition E was with *.

I tried to fix problem with EaseUS partition master. I tried to change drive letter, I received message, "Failed to mount partition. Process failed (etc)" error code was not shown. I tried to explore using EaseUS, all data was safe and shown with no option of copy or move. But I couldn't explore it using file explorer. I think either partition is lost or not mounted.

Is it a software problem or hardware?

What should I do? What should I do to mount partition and save data?

Please help me to fix it.

Thank you

  Jollyjohn 10:24 10 Dec 2018

I would download a Linux distro and burn it to a cd. Boot from it and run "Live CD" This should then show you your partitions and allow you to copy the data from them.

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