Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011

  kwil2 03:51 01 Mar 2012

Hi... I've installed Paragon Backup/Recovery from my PCAdvisor DVD Issue 200 I'm running Win7 (64-bit) and set System Restore & System Image for Win7 on a daily basis.

I'd like to try Paragon and use it instead of Windows for backups.

First of all: is that to be recommended?

I've never used Paragon before and would appreciate some advice, perhaps from someone who's a regular user of Paragon.

My setup: I have two 500Gb disks (not allowing for space already taken up with files etc) My Disk Management setup as shown by 'Diskmgmt.msc' is:

Disk 1 C: = 500Gb

Disk 0 = 2nd Hard Drive = 500Gb At Disk 0 there is 'System Reserved' partition = 100Gb

My query:

Creating a Paragon backup by clicking on 'Disks/Partitions', brings up a window where you tick what disks/partitions you want to backup.

My second Hard Drive (Disk 0) I only use to keep duplicates of important files, so I don't need to back that up with any regularity.

That means my main backups will be for Hard Drive (Disk 1) C:

So, in the Paragon window (bottom section): I tick 'Basic MBR Hard Disk 1' This automatically also ticks below it: 1. First Hard Disc Track 2. Master Boot Record 3. Local Disk C:

Now, here's where I'm unsure: In the top section of the Paragon window (which relates to Hard Disk 0 - ie the drive I don't need to backup) is the 'System Reserved' box.

My crucial question then: Do I tick 'System Reserved' PLUS all of Hard Drive (Disk 1) as above or just Disk 1?

Forgive my ignorance on this software, folks, but I have to be sure before I entrust it with important backups.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome

Many thanks

  KRONOS the First 08:42 01 Mar 2012

Ignore the system reserved partition in fact if you right click computer then manage then disk management right click on system reserved then change drive letters and paths then click on remove then OK. This will hide the partition and make using Paragon a little easier.

In essence you want to back up your C drive or disk one.

  kwil2 16:56 01 Mar 2012

Hi Chronos... Thanks for taking time to reply. To be honest, I'm unsure about changing 'System Reserved' drive letters & paths since the computer was set up as is. So, just ticking 'Disk 1' seems the simplest option. My question, though: As I said, Win 7 is set to create daily 'System Restore' + 'System Image'.

Am I right in thinking then that the Paragon backup, assuming only 'Disk 1' options are ticked and all else left unticked, is the equivalent of Win7's System Image? Would appreciate your comment... Many thanks again....

  KRONOS the First 19:12 01 Mar 2012

Point one,following my instructions is totally safe and will only hide the small partition.

System restore will create a restore point but you must remember that that can take a fair chunk of your hard-drive over time.

You do not need to create a system image daily that is a total waste of space. I would suggest doing it monthly or when you make major changes to your system.

If you are going to use Paragon then do not bother with Windows 7 image facility. One bit of software doing the job is plenty.

I personally do not use system restore, it is switched off neither do I image my C drive. I do sync my personal folders and this happens automatically using Goodsync. One of the reasons that I do not image or use system restore is that they will both copy any problems,virus etc which will cause just as much problems.

I have a small (128GB) SSD which has my OS and program's,a secondary 1TB drive for my folders and games etc then a secondary NAS 1TB as a back up.

I certainly am not saying that imaging a drive is not a good thing,I used to do it, but you have to be careful what you are imaging and you certainly do not need to do it daily.

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  kwil2 20:23 01 Mar 2012

Hi again Chronus... Your points are well taken. I'm fairly new to Win7 and still getting to grips with it. Consequently, I've been a bit cautious. In my former XP computer, I only imaged my system (via Acronis True Image) once a month and before installing any new software. Like you, I turned System Restore off. As long as Paragon works as I want, then I think I'll take your advice.

Never heard of Goodsync but I take it you use it to sync files between two computers...Yes/No?

Of course, you're absolutely right about the space Restore and Image take up over time. Though I have two x 500Gb to play with, I didn't like losing such a lot of space, so have been deleting all but the last two restores at the end of each month.

Paragon appears faster, slicker and takes up considerably less space. So, I think it's now time to put Win7 restore/image to the side and bite the Paragon bullet. Many thanks again for all your input, time and patience

  KRONOS the First 02:40 02 Mar 2012

I use Goodsync to keep my personal folders identical on my Iocell NAS drive. I also use Dropbox for my documents.

I have been using Windows 7 since it came out and find that it is possible the simplest OS to get on with and seems more forgiving than previous offerings from Microsoft. You are certainly doing the right things with backing up as it is quite amazing how many people do not bother and then complain when therir hard-drive fails and then have difficulty trying to recover some much treasure photos. Hard-drive failure happens to us all,even those of us who know a little bit and build their own. I recently had 2 fail in one week.

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