Pal video on windows 7 p[ro

  Keith100 11:59 26 Jul 2014

I have been trying to watch a Pal format video on my pc - without success. It actually shows the programme details on screen but will not play it. Is there anything I can download to allow this. I have Internet Explorer.

Thank you. Keith.

  Woolwell 13:49 26 Jul 2014

Where are you getting the video from? DVD or is it on line?

  Keith100 15:58 27 Jul 2014

It is actually on a DVD. I think it's from the U,S,

  rdave13 16:22 27 Jul 2014

Usually USA DVDs are NTSC and European are PAL, so it should play it if European player. Otherwise have a look here.

  alanrwood 08:22 28 Jul 2014

Look at the disk it will say whether it is PAL or NTSC. You can chasnge the region on a computer DVD up to 5 times then it remains fixed.

  Keith100 21:31 29 Jul 2014

Thanks for that info. I did try changing the region to USA and as that didn't work I tried France - I think they are region 1 & 2 but neither worked.

  Woolwell 21:50 29 Jul 2014

What is the program that you are using to try to watch the DVD?

  Keith100 12:57 30 Jul 2014

Well I have Windows Media player. It was priced in US dollars but doesn't work on region 1 or 2. It does say 'Pal' on the dvd. It loads all the titles up but if I click on them nothing happens.

  Woolwell 13:14 30 Jul 2014

Try VLC player but I don't hold out much hope. It may well be a duff DVD.

  alanrwood 13:45 30 Jul 2014

Is it a genuine DVD or a copy from China etc. Where did you buy it, eBay or a reputable company. Does it not say what region it is mastered to on the disk.

Even genuine DVDs sometime will not play in Windows Media Player unless you install a new codec. Load K-Lite Codec Pack and it will ensure you have a satisfactory codec.

  Keith100 21:36 30 Jul 2014

Thanks for your suggestions - I will try them. Keith

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