Painfully slow startup with some strange characteristics

  warthog01 23:52 14 Jul 2014


I'm running Windows 7 Home Professional on my Dell Laptop. I've limited my start services to Windows, Fences, and Avast Free. Start is terribly slow--Up to login not too bad, but after I've logged in, the taskbar loads and absolutely nothing else happens until I double click on the desktop. Then I get an error message that MS Windows is not responding. When I end the process, the taskbar reloads and after a short delay, my fences and icons open up and the start sequence slowly comes up.

Bizarre and there's obviously something wrong--does this ring a bell for anyone?


  BRYNIT 08:28 15 Jul 2014

Possible corrupt files. Go to start/all programs/accessories, right click on commend prompt and select run as administrator, type sfc /scannow this will check system files.

possible failing hard drive, scan hard drive for bad sectors.

Could be something that has been install/uninstalled over the time that has corrupted the registry. You could do a clean install back to factory default this will remove every thing and you will need to reinstall all updates, programs etc. remember to back up all of your documents first.

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