page not responding

  rocketbob 01:38 28 Jul 2012

when i type in the search box for any website the homepage comes up but then when i click on the homepage it says website not resonding. i run a full scan on kaspersky for any virus but it came back no issues found any clues

  lotvic 10:22 28 Jul 2012

Can you explain in more detail please and tell us which browser you are using.

Do you mean that when you click on a link in the homepage of the website you get the 'website not responding' message?

Post a link to a website that does this or is it every website? (I presume you are not on the pc that does it or you wouldn't have been able to start your thread on here)

  rocketbob 14:11 28 Jul 2012

i was using bt ie9. and i do get webbpage not responding when i click on a link in the home page. i have change to google chrome and it seems to be working ok so it must be a issue with ie9 any clues.

  lotvic 12:57 29 Jul 2012

There were problems last year with IE9 and BT Yahoo page. Have you tried in 'Compatibility Mode'?

  rocketbob 20:37 29 Jul 2012

thanks lotvic. i removed IE9 then download it again to pc seems to be working ok, i will keep that in mind[ compatibility mode]. still thinking that chrome is faster than IE9. MANY THANKS

  rocketbob 22:23 09 Aug 2012

still got the same issue with bt yahoo. i gave compatibility mode a try but still the same. i am using firefox at the moment. my email address is with btyahoo can i set up my email to work with firefox or do i need a new email address.

  lotvic 00:07 12 Aug 2012

No you don't need a new email address. Just go to the url of the bt yahoo page using Firefox browser, log in and bookmark the page, or make it your homepage if you want to.

  rocketbob 23:43 12 Aug 2012

thanks lotvic

  tammie_norie 13:06 17 Sep 2012

I also have the same problems (on 2 PCs using IE9 & BTYahoo) The problem is intermittent and seems only to have started within the last couple of months- has this problem been looked at by the BTYahoo gurus?

  lotvic 16:04 17 Sep 2012

tammie_norie sorry you are having a problem. Please can you start your own thread (Click on 'Ask a Question') this thread belongs to rocketbob and his/her problem. It makes no difference that the problems appear to be same/ identical, answers on what has been tried get confusing when advice is for different posters.

  rocketbob 23:13 01 Oct 2012

reading my post i see that tammie-norie has the same issue with bt yahoo ie9 i went on the bt forum asked why the web pages were freezing someone said it was the ram on my pc but only using 48%. i used bt yahoo ie9 to log into pc advisor tonight but it took ages. if i uninstall ie9 then install it again it works for a while then starts to play up again. i also removed java because i was told there was a security issue with it is that right.

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