Overworked Processor?

  jimforrest 14:14 19 Oct 2014

A couple of years back I bought my Samsung Laptop - running Win7, Quad Core, bags of RAM, to replace my old Acer laptop which continually overheated and shut down without warning. The Samsung was great, the fan ran on tick-over and I've been very pleased with it.

But - just recently the cooling fan has become louder because it's running all the time. Core Temp tells me that the Processor load is around 80-90% on all 4 cores even when the comp is idle! CPU temp is around 80degC - not hot enough to shut down but getting there. Whatsmycomputerdoing hasn't revealed anything astounding so I'm at a loss to understand why the change in the processor load. Most of the activity seems to be Win internal processes and Google Chrome. Should I remove and then re-install Chrome?

I'd like to get it back to where it was - any ideas?

  jimforrest 14:34 19 Oct 2014

I should point out that I regularly use Ccleaner to clear out the rubbish and several anti-malware and anti-virus progs to keep the computer clean.

  spuds 15:09 19 Oct 2014

If things are overheating, then consider a possible internal look and possible spring clean for dust or blocked ventilation etc.

I note that you have stated, "and several anti-malware and anti-virus progs to keep the computer clean". Are you running more than one anti-virus programme, and does all the 'anti' programmes you have installed, start on boot-up.

You also mention re-installing Chrome. Are you using other browser's, if so, what are they, and how are they performing.

  jimforrest 16:13 19 Oct 2014

Hi Spuds - everything that's non Windows is currently disabled on startup - all udaters, AV progs etc. Only Windows processes are left running. I only use Chrome (it works fine). As for a clean-up - I don't fancy taking it apart but I will if that's the only way to fix it. I've had a look on Youtube and it doesn't look too difficult.

My fear is that there's a rogue programme running and hogging the processor.

  spuds 16:33 19 Oct 2014

If you think that it is a rogue programme, and your other anti devices haven't picked anything up, then give ADW Cleaner or Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit a try. Here's a safe download link to MWB Anti-Rootkit click here

  wee eddie 18:35 19 Oct 2014

History seems to be repeating itself.

A can of compressed air is called for. If you're feeling poor, a hair dryer and a natural bristle paint brush will do the job. You don't really need to take it apart to shift the dust.

  jimforrest 18:20 20 Oct 2014

Ran Anti-Rootkit but it found nothing, then ADWcleaner which cleared out some stuff (which I didn't recognise) and seems to have solved the problem - the fan is now silent again! ADW report is too long to paste here but this is the first part (up to Registry Shortcuts Deleted) -

Option : Clean


Service Deleted : 70e6ca8c

Files / Folders

Folder Deleted : C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\GrabPro Folder Deleted : C:\Users\Jim\AppData\LocalLow\HPAppData Folder Deleted : C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\optimizer pro v3.2 Folder Deleted : C:\Program Files (x86)\orbitdownloader File Deleted : C:\Windows\System32\log\iSafeKrnlCall.log

Scheduled Tasks

Task Deleted : Digital Sites Task Deleted : Optimizer Pro Schedule Task Deleted : ProgramRefresh-ATFST Task Deleted : ProgramUpdateCheck Task Deleted : YourFile DownloaderUpdate

I might have been a bit too quick to run the clean-up progs so we may never know the cause of the fault. Now running Task Manager - CPU usage with a few browser windows open and Winmail running is 25%. On the Processes Tab it shows CPU - most are at 00, but System Idle Process shows 75 and PrintIsolationHost.exe shows 25.

Looks good so far chaps!!

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