Outlook Express will no longer print mailse

  johnpalmer 11:19 04 Aug 2017

I have an elderly Dell Dimension 9150 desktop running Windows XP. The Outlook Express will no longer print a full email off. All that prints is the From, To, Date sent, and Subject lines. The message will not print. Is there an amendment I can make to the settings. Any help much appreciated.

  johnpalmer 12:29 04 Aug 2017

Have tried changing various preference settings, but still not working

  alanrwood 12:55 04 Aug 2017

Just as a check why not print an email to a pdf printer which will produce a pdf file. Sorry but can't remember if one is built into WinXP but there are several free to download if you do a search. If the produced pdf is OK then the problem will be with your printer however I suspect that it is something in the Outlook Express settings which unfortunately I have never personally used.

  beeuuem~2 00:41 05 Aug 2017

This seems to have happened to several people in the past. The consensus appears to be that the following will resolve the problem. Before trying this remedy have you tried a system restore to a time when the printing functioned?

From click here 'I have solved the issue. There was a conflict with IE8 and OE6. I uninstalled IE8, and then installed IE7. The body of the messages now print from OE6. I then went through the regular update process again to install IE8 back on to my system and the messages still print out all information. Thanks for all of the help.'

  qwbos 00:50 05 Aug 2017

Have you changed printer? There's not a lot you can change in Outlook Express/Print/preferences, but if I remember correctly, OE takes some of its settings from Word. Have a look at the printer settings in Word

  johnpalmer 07:11 06 Aug 2017

I have not changed the printer for this computer, which is at least 10 years old. I can't do a system restore as this fault has been going on for ages and I have not bothered about it until recently. I can copy and paste to Word, and then print the page, but it is a bit of a fiddle. I will try uninstalling OE8 and installing OE7 as suggested. I did try installing a PDF printer from RICHsoftware, but it said it had to be used by administrator so wouldn't work, so I unistalled it. Any suggestions on a "friendly" PDF Printer gratefully received. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  alanrwood 09:45 06 Aug 2017

Google "pdf printer free" and take your pick. There are loads of them. I have used CutePDF in the past but try any as they should all work .

  johnpalmer 11:26 06 Aug 2017

Thanks for the PDF Printer info. I have now removed IE8 and installed IE7, and bingo !!! the printer now prints the OE message in full. Am now trying to run Windows Update, but the info bar at the top of screen which I right click to run activex control does not work. The info bar keeps returning and no progress is made. Any further thoughts ?

  qwbos 19:33 06 Aug 2017

Make sure you're running Microsoft Update, not Windows Update. When you get on to Microsoft Update, you may find it'll take a considerable time, possibly 12 hours or more, to find updates if you haven't updated for some time.

  qwbos 22:22 06 Aug 2017

An afterthought. I can't remember when the Windows Update to Micros happened. If you don't have the Microsoft Update showing, you can get IE8 from click here then try to update.

  beeuuem~2 00:02 07 Aug 2017

The printing of emails should should continue to work if you install IE8.

If the ActiveX is not working you may need to adjust the settings as described in click here

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