Outlook 2003 does't respond to a web mail to:

  old_codger 16:01 21 Nov 2010

I have recently upgraded to Win 7 Pro 64-bit with Office 2003 SP3 all updates done.

I use Firefox 3.6.12 as my main browser. I have noticed on websites that have an contact via email that nothing happens when double clicking it, other than seeing mailto: appearing on FF status bar.

At other times I have seen it produce an error window in Outlook saying script isn't running/ Outlook client isn't installed properly.

On second bootable drive, with Win XP Pro and Firefox with same Outlook 2003, it works flawlessly. Even if Outlook isn't open, it will start it up straight into new message with correct email address in the To field.

Has anybody else seen this?

  GaT7 16:42 26 Nov 2010

Does it work in IE?

If yes, but you'd still like to retain FF as your browser, install the IE Tab Plus extension click here & use it on websites that don't work with FF.

After installing IE Tab Plus, restart FF & right-click the Menu bar above & choose Customise. Left-click the IE Tab Plus icon in the applet that opens, & drag+drop it on the Menu Bar for easy access in the future. G

  old_codger 20:24 26 Nov 2010

Crossbow7 thanks for your post,

Yes I have temporarily uninstalled Firefox, then using >Default programs >Set Default Programs, I have made IE8 the default browser.

However, Outlook still causes a similar error Outlook client isn't installed properly.

I should mention that in >Default Programs >Set Default Programs, Outlook isn't in list of 10 programs listed there. Firefox is 1st in list and is now default browser.

However, in Set Default Programs menu bar >Edit, all the EDit functions are helpfully 'greyed out'. As I thought of adding Outlook.exe to above list of 10.

Do you know a way of doing it?

  GaT7 13:19 27 Nov 2010

Try the solutions mentioned at click here

Related problem & solution at click here: 'A new mail message window does not open when you click a mailto link on a Web page in Outlook'

A related search at Microsoft click here. G

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