Opinions on defragging windows ?

  martd7 16:17 18 Nov 2016

I haven't defragged my 1tb drive for 2years now so I decided to download "defraggler",it came up with 22% fragmented 14hrs to defrag !!

Used the windows 7 defragger and it came up 10 % fragmented and took 2 hours

I cant see any difference in the pc performance never have been able to after defragging

Whats everyone elses thoughts?

  alanrwood 19:16 18 Nov 2016

Defrag has little effect that is noticeable in most cases in my experience and must not be dome on a solid state drive.

  ernatoutlook 23:09 18 Nov 2016

have read in mag in past that especially on win 10 that microsftdefrag on the fly so more thanate..puzzled that large numbers show up as percents?

  rdave13 00:01 19 Nov 2016

I've stopped auto defrag on Win 10 but run it manually once in a while. Stopped using third party defraggers a long time ago as they hammer the HDD, in my opinion, and as you say - show no better performance.

As for modern SSDs I'm not sure that 'trimming' is necessary either.

  ernatoutlook 00:06 19 Nov 2016

glad to see you agai dave13 and yes turns off auto makes sense to me so I will do just that thks ernie

  Burn-it 16:45 19 Nov 2016

Trimming does help SSDs if you have a lot of small files that get updated regularly. If many small files fall in the same block then that block will remain in memory and not actually be written until a different block needs that memory.

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