Open .WLMB (BAK)

  EFLYNN 11:51 08 Dec 2014

I recently discovered many files labelled BaK -date .WLMB file exceeding 2Mb in size. I have tried to open them with various programs including Windows Live Mail, Windows Lve Mail Backup 8 etc but to no avail.

Please advise.



  spuds 12:47 08 Dec 2014

Not sure if this is going to be of any help, but it might be worth a read from a quick Google search click here

  lotvic 13:19 08 Dec 2014

spuds, that's for OE Windows Address Book.

EFLYNN, see you've been chasing this for past month in various forums.

How did you do the backup before you restored to factory your Windows 7?

What is the location of the WLMB BAK file that you have found?

Did you do a separate backup of your emails to your external usb drive?

It may be that you can import the BAK and rename to .eml but depends a lot on how, what, where etc. (I'm not an expert)

  spuds 13:26 08 Dec 2014

lotvic - I wasn't sure, and having tried Google with limited success, thought that the link might go in one direction or another ;O)

  lotvic 13:43 08 Dec 2014

spuds, yeah also me, there doesn't seem to be a clearcut answer to the OP's problem so need to know more about the backup etc and history of it.

  EFLYNN 12:21 09 Dec 2014

Hello Lotvic and Spuds for your prompt response.

I have a HP Pavilon laptop computer

All important files including emails ( Windows Live Mail ) were backuped by the recovery application itself.

It may have used Windows 7 backup or some other backup program - I don't know which.

This produced a folder named Backup_2013-08-23 132949 stored on my USB drive.

This folder contained a file named Restore.

Clicking this file produced a folder amongst others named WLMBakup.

An example file in this folder is BAK - February 08, [email protected]

If you tell me how to upload this fie I will do so and you can have a look at it.



  lotvic 15:03 09 Dec 2014

I don't know if it's going to be possible to get them back but first you need to 'discover/remember' the method you used to create the backup before you can then google for recovery/restore methods. (I am going to be unavailable for a few days as am moving house tomorrow.... urgg - I'll try to look in as and when it's possible)

Did you do it like this tutorial ClickHere and create a file similar to D:\WindowsImageBackup\Computer\Backup 2008-11-22 130050

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