Open Office updates?

  keith mac 14:57 27 Oct 2008

Vista with SP1

I use an older version of Open Office - 2.2 I think.

There's always updated versions appearing on PCA cover-mounted discs and Beta 3.0 is also currently available.

I'm not enthusiastic about Beta versions but is there anything to be gained by changing to 2.4?

My only regular use is for word-processing....

  ventanas 15:36 27 Oct 2008

Office Office 3 is now out of beta and has been released.
click here

So forget 2.4.

  ventanas 15:39 27 Oct 2008

But to answer your question, check out the New Features link. If there's nothing that interests you then stick with what you've got. If there is something you simply must have then download v3.0 and install it.
When I did this I removed v2 first.

  keith mac 21:05 27 Oct 2008

OK, thanks.

Presumably the PCA supplied beta version could be different from the one on the website? (from the provided link)

It's a big download - I don't want to download it if the cover-mount DVD version is OK.

I take your point about uninstalling previous versions - I think the last version I installed didn't actually update the one on my computer.

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