Open Office 3.2 will not install on WIN7 64 bit

  tamsin 11:35 04 Mar 2010

I was previously running OOo 3.1 on WIN 7 64 bit with no problems & was offered update to v3.2. However installation stopped with message from Wizard "please exit 3.2 and the 3.2 Quickstarter before you continue."
No option but to close this window or select OK. Both actions resulted in message "wizard interrupted - run setup another time"
I tried uninstalling v 3.1 and that did not help.
Can find no info on OO.ord site - can anyone help please.

  mgmcc 11:55 04 Mar 2010

Does this thread help? click here

  tamsin 17:26 04 Mar 2010

Looked at the thread - scf \ scannow just blinks - so presume no problem.
There is no RegistrySizeLimit key in the registry - tried to create one but it didnt go right so deleted it.
Tried installing OOo 3.2 again and got
Visual C++ 2008 Redistribution x64 9.0.....
Error 1303 Installer has insufficient privileges to access C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC

I'm lost - dont know how to correct this.

  jjss 08:51 05 Mar 2010

Have you tried re downloading the complete version of Oo 3.2 and installing that? Maybe worth a try.

click here


  tamsin 11:51 05 Mar 2010

Thanks for help. I did download OOo 3.2 again. I also googled Error 1303 and was advised to download Regcure. Instead I ran Ccleaner on Windows files and Registry. I found a lot of errors in the Registry - so cleaned them Then installed OOo 3.2 and it ran like a charm.
It must have been a MS fault all along!

  Technocrate 06:22 21 Apr 2010

Open Office runs fine on Windows 7 x64. If you are an Office power user OOid probably not for you. For most people it is an excellent competitor to
Microsoft Office. As it is free to try there is no downside to seeing if it works for you. Personally I am using Office 2010 beta which is also free for
the beta period.

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