Only symbols on Windows 7 - not text

  Gina Barrell 02:54 30 Jan 2018

I'm wanting to transfer data etc from my old Windows 7 laptop to my new laptop. The problem is my old laptop has only weird looking symbols on it and not legible text. I'm struggling to navigate my way around my computer and can't even get myself connected to the internet...from there I need to make myself an admin user to try and run a system restore I'm guessing...It's been over a year since I really used the old PC but would love some advice on how to change the symbols to text (once I'm inside the computer, my documents open up fine and with text) and how to blindly connect to the net when I already have a Windows 10 connected.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 30 Jan 2018

The problem is my old laptop has only weird looking symbols on it and not legible text

Possibly the region an language is set to Korean or Arabic?

Might be easier to boot from a Linux distro on CD or USB (such as Linux Mint) you can then copy the data to an external drive /usb to move to ther PC then rest the windows 7 machine to factory settings.

  beeuuem~2 22:09 30 Jan 2018

While it may be complicated if you can access the Control Panel the image shows the location of the change language option. src

  beeuuem~2 22:11 30 Jan 2018

The image is here !

  beeuuem~2 22:11 30 Jan 2018


  beeuuem~2 22:13 30 Jan 2018

Why won't the image show ?????????????

  beeuuem~2 22:16 30 Jan 2018

Last try ! click here

  Gina Barrell 02:29 31 Jan 2018

Thanks beeuuem~2 and Fruitbat. I've been through it using my new computer as a guide for how to get through using pictures etc but there's a box that comes up saying what I imagine is that I don't have admin rights to allow me to change possibly the region and language. Also, I'm not so literate on what you mean Fruitbat with regard to Linux distro on CD or USB (such as Linux Mint)...sorry...I don't understand what you mean :-(

  beeuuem~2 05:04 31 Jan 2018

I've tried to change the language on my PC and I can change everything - apart from the Display language !!

Do you have an external hard drive that you can copy the laptop to? It is possible to do a repair install of W7 which should leave all your programs and files intact. But, because we are dealing with computers where things can go wrong, it is safer to have a complete backup, just in case.

This click here details a repair install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:36 31 Jan 2018

running Linux from USB click here Using Linux to copy files click here

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