one drive needs administrator rights

  conrail 20:48 20 Dec 2014

using win 8.1, have downloaded one drive and saved photos and documents to it which I can access fine via 'this pc' but when I try to open one drive it tells me 'your system administrator has blocked the use of onedrive' I have tried to change permissions by pc; properties; security; edit and adding my pc outlook account, all are ticked but they are greyed out, except special permissions, just greyed out,including SYSTEM; my outlook a/c and administrator how can I access these permissions or open one drive as administrator, I want to update photos from my tablet, no problems there with one drive, thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 20 Dec 2014

have a read here

  conrail 22:12 20 Dec 2014

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, received an update for onedrive so selected it, this made onedrive disappeared completely including from this pc, including all files I had, have re downloaded program but same problem, only options I have is pin/unpin to start/taskbar and resize, looked at your suggestion but cant find any options other than mentioned

  conrail 09:52 21 Dec 2014

thanks rdave13, forgive my ignorance, how do I tell which my a/c is?

  conrail 10:02 21 Dec 2014

Hi v, under User Accounts > Change Your account Type, the administrator radio button is selected

  conrail 10:03 21 Dec 2014

sorry rdave13, where it shows 'v' it should show your name

  conrail 16:14 21 Dec 2014

thanks rdave13, next to my photo in user accounts it shows my name, under that is my ms outlook email address, I don't use this email address I got it when I got the laptop, under that is Administrator, under that is Password Protected, below is the options for standard and administrator, the latter has a black dot in which I assume means I am the administrator, the only time I need a password is logging on, I use a pin number for that

  conrail 16:30 21 Dec 2014

thanks rdave13, the change account type is greyed out, when I try to click the OneDrive icon I get the message 'Your system administrator has blocked the use of OneDrive'

  conrail 16:38 21 Dec 2014

thanks rdave13, the change account is greyed out, when I click on onedrive I get the following: 'your system administrator has blocked the use of OneDrive'

  conrail 16:39 21 Dec 2014

sorry posted twice

  conrail 20:07 21 Dec 2014

sorry about the delay, I have been looking at all the options that come up when I search OneDrive, I have an icon on the taskbar and one the apps screen, both give the same result,I did have it on this pc where I could see what I had saved but not run the program but I was offered an update for the program which removed it from this pc

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