Older software on Windows 8 ??

  Podracer 22:28 26 Nov 2012

I am currently using some slightly older software on a Windows 7 PC (specifically MS Money 2000 and an old Canon printer originally designed for XP but for which I have found some W7 drivers)- they all work fine on Windows 7 (64 bit) (HP Touchsmart 520 with i5/6GB RAM/2TB HDD).

Am I likely to be able to run them as easily on Windows 8, or am I likely to find that the programs are useless on W8.

The Windows 8 Upgrade advisor says it cannot recognise the programs; one branch of PC World says they will work fine (he swore blind that any program that works on W7 will automatically work on W8), but another one says they won't. Who do I believe; the last thing I want to do is upgrade to W8 and then find that a couple of key programs are useless.

Thanks in anticipation

  woody 23:56 26 Nov 2012

Unless you have touch screen - why would you want to go to win8? The many reviews of win8 will give you some idea of what its like. On the other hand it is only £25 - which is throw away for some but i do understand it is a lot for others to waste.

I have win8 and used it on a test bed since it was first released into the wild - in my opinion waste of time going from 7 to 8 unless you have touch , can use touch and you are happy to waste £25.

  sharpamat 08:24 27 Nov 2012

Totally agree with Woody, I also had no Problems with loading Drivers or old printers in the early tests. However cannot say if its possable in the Final.

I do disagree with the fact that its only £25. If you read the posting from our FE on Oct 30. By installing it invalidates the original licence so the OS you have upgraded from cannot be reused.

My advice is be sure before upgradeing. If your Old OS system cannot be reused and activated. It may result in a lot more than £25 to replace it.

No one as yet posted as to if they removed the offical upgrade and retured to the original, without activation problems

  Pine Man 08:38 27 Nov 2012


If your programs worked ok on W7 they will work ok on W8.

I have a number of old programs, including MS Money, and they work perfectly.

A lot of people don't like W8 and, equally, a lot do. I haven't got a touch screen but find W8 a lot faster than W7 and think it was £24.99 well spent.

I have W8 dual booted with W7 (from which I did the upgrade) and both still run properly and regularly update from Windows Update. Neither have had any activation problems.

  Quickbeam 09:38 27 Nov 2012

Am I right to believe that the W7 drive image I made before installing W8 should result in an already activated W7 should I want to revert to W7?

  Pine Man 10:21 27 Nov 2012

'Am I right to believe that the W7 drive image I made before installing W8 should result in an already activated W7 should I want to revert to W7?'

Given that I have accessed Microsoft to use windows update from both W7 and my copy of Windows 8 (that was an upgrade from Windows 7) without any problems I can't imagine you'll have any problems with an image. As far as I can make out, and I am not talking about licence conditions, the original copy of Windows 7 is not de-activated.

  Podracer 16:40 27 Nov 2012

Everyone - thanks for the comments so far - and more thoughts are always welcome.


Woody - I do have a touchscreen, and the reviews I have seen so far indicate that W8 is marginally faster than W7 (which is also what Pine Man says too). Also, as I am likely to get a W8 tablet in the next year or so, I am quite keen to be used to using one breed of OS.

Pine Man - your comments are music to my ears; thank you for that re-assurance and your comments. Am I right in thinking that the "upgrade" would also allow me to install a copy of W8 on a separate partition so that I can dual boot?? But if I do that, exiting programs can only be accessed from W7 unless I install them again under W8? However, if I do a proper upgrade (ie, "overwrite" W7), then the programs will be accessed from W8 ??

Any other thoughts anyone ?

  Pine Man 20:17 27 Nov 2012


Mine is not a 'true' dual boot in that I do not have a boot manager. When I switch the PC on I use F8 to select which drive I want to boot from. I have done it this way so I can be sure that W8 is the one I want to keep without it being tied to W7. For the time being I have disconnected the drive with W7 on so my pc boots straight into W8 but it could be the other way round if I wanted.

Hope that makes sense to you.

  Quickbeam 09:00 28 Nov 2012

Pine Man I thought that would be the case.

Incidentally I then used the W7 upgrade disk, that upgraded the original Vista to to W7 to upgrade my XP netbook to W7, also making a drive image incase MS wouldn't accept it, but they did, and that's working well.

  Pine Man 09:53 28 Nov 2012

Good news!

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