Old XP laptop won't start. I want to get the files

  Gibbbon 04:08 25 Apr 2017


I'm desperately hoping someone/anyone can help me reassure me. My old laptop won't start and I want preserve the data on the hard drive.

This is my old University laptop and I will be devastated if I have lost the Photos and other documents stored on the hard drive :(

It is a Windows XP Sony Vaio. I stopped using it but kept it because I wanted to copy the files but never got around to it. My parents moved it to the garage and after finding it covered in cobwebs I cleaned and it started but went to a black screen with white text saying something about a boot device an pressing any key. I turned it off and went to the house and now it won't turn on at all.

Can I remove the hard drive and plug it into another PC to get the files?

If so how would I go about this? If not what are my options? I had a password login so would that affect access to the files?

Thanks in advance for your help

  Forum Editor 08:16 25 Apr 2017

Is the drive being detected in the BIOS?

Turn the machine on and immediately press the F2 or F3 key. You should enter the BIOS configuration screen, and be able to see the drive there. Make sure it is set as the first boot device.

If that doesn't help, post back here, and one of us will offer further advice.

  wee eddie 09:57 25 Apr 2017

First, try FE's suggestion.

Yes, you can remove the Hard Drive. You can buy what is rather pompously known as an Enclosure, for about £15 or so, which will turn it into an External Hard Drive.

Once you have copied the contents onto another PC, you can Format your External Hard Drive and use it for future backups

  Burn-it 22:33 25 Apr 2017

You may need to use a few tricks like taking ownership of files before you can access them.

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