old software that kills vista, forcing op system reinstall-common?

  theDarkness 17:37 09 Aug 2008

With my new vista premium laptop, i have tried to install xp era software, one or two of which that has caused my vista system to completely freeze on the boot up screen, forcing a reinstall of the entire op system from disc. I am wondering if it was a problem just with my laptop, or if it is a common issue with a fair few old programs? I did not remember to write down a list of the software that i had problems with trying to run on vista causing such a freeze, so i thought people could add their xp or old programs on here they may have had similar issues with on the same level. I wonder if it could have been related to certain vista protection methods switched on, not allowing a full install of some old software, although how this could change/alter the boot up in such a way seemed odd to me.. anyone had similar problems?

  ventanas 22:02 09 Aug 2008

I've loaded a heck of a lot of programs from the days of XP and long before, onto Vista, and never had a problem like this. One or two have refused to work, but I have managed to sort them, even spending a whole afternoon in regedit with one of them. (all the registered file paths were wrong).
If you could give an example of the programs it might help.
When installing it's a good idea to right click on the setup file and choose "Run as Administrator." if you have UAC turned on.

  FatboySlim71 23:03 09 Aug 2008

I had the same experience as ventanas, I had loads of programs that I had used on my XP machine and all ran OK.

What I did prior to me getting my new computer, I checked my old computer's programs and look on the net to see which were Vista compatible, most were and the odd ones that were not initially just required an update to the latest version. Basically every program I had running on my XP machine is running on my Vista computer

All in all I was surprised, I expected the switch over to have been a lot more hassle than it was. I think Vista gets a lot of unnecessary flack.

  dms_05 08:44 10 Aug 2008

The only program I've found incompatible with Vista is my Mustek Scanner Management software. The drivers designed for XP work with Vista but the GUI doesn't. So I use a 3rd party imaging program (Irfan Viewer) to control my scanner as TWAIN and it works well.

I also think Vista is unfairly criticised, mine runs well and I've never had a problem with Vista and SP1. But their again I never had a problem with XP and SP2 or SP3. Or come to that W98SE.

  FatboySlim71 08:57 10 Aug 2008

Yeah I too never had problems with Vista SP1, XP and SP2. Personally I think Vista is a great OS and I prefer it now much more that XP.

  theDarkness 20:44 11 Aug 2008

In the rush to install everything from my xp desktop to my new vista laptop, i never worked out what could have caused the permanent boot up freeze, although i was no doubt asking for it by probably installing more than one program, one after the other, before trying a restart. aargh!- i will still admit vista is no where near as incompatible with old software as i thought it would be, but then again there is probably little vista only software on the market to take advantage of the new system either, so practically all of the latest software runs on xp anyway. I guess its still early days.. :) my system crashes again and ill be noting it all down!

  six-h 22:42 26 Aug 2008

Mustek scanner to work with Vista.
I've got a perfectly serviceable "Medion" scanner, and it was refused by Vista, so I phoned Medion help
The guy there advised (off the record) that I should try the Mustek site for a driver that would possibly make it work with Vista.
I found a driver for the Mustek 600 CU, which seemed to be a similar machine, but sadly it didn't work!
I would be grateful if you could post the details of your solution so that I can perhaps squeeze some more use out of my trusyt old scanner!!

  theDarkness 15:37 05 Sep 2008

Ive never updated vista since i have no internet on computer (using a sony ericsson) and have never spotted a service pack cd free in any pc magazines, so the crashes could well have been solved in the sp updates. ill admit that 32bit vista on the whole has been fine in compatibility with running old software and hardware ignoring the boot up problems on one or two bad installations. the initial problems i had with vista in compatibility with software were with running nero, ahead corrected the problem, but i have since moved to using ashampoo since its just as good and a much smaller program

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