old HDD in to new pc

  bmert 13:41 18 Feb 2015


Basically I have to put an old hard drive in to a new computer. It wouldn't boot as expected so I tried running the windows repair which failed. I managed to do an image back up of the old machine and restore it on the new machine and that also failed. I am wondering if this is being caused by the drivers on the image back up from the old machine? Is their a way to remove these so the machine boots up?

I have also tried repairing the MBR.


  Daisy_Michael 14:07 18 Feb 2015

I'm a little confused: Why you are so keen to use an old windows in a new PC? Why don't you reformat and install a fresh copy of windows on it? If your goal is to keep the files of your drive saved, you can always take backup in an external drive, no? Recommended is a fresh copy of windows, as your last windows were based on the drivers & files needed for your last PC.

  onthelimit1 15:31 18 Feb 2015

Windows operating system is unlikely to run if you move it to a different motherboard. As suggested, do a fresh install on the new machine. Once done, go to the manufacturers website to download any missing drivers.

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