Oh Microsoft What Have You Done??????????????

  aquatarkus 16:09 21 Jul 2012

ok maybe it's me but been using the win8 release candiate for a couple of weeks now and sorry but just hate it, what on earth are they thinking. seems ok for touchscreen netbooks or tablets but on a desktop pc have to say forget it unless you install programs like start menu etc.

I can see the forums being filled with people asking how to use it, wheres my computer icon where's anything.

It also appears hat Microsoft are cutting out all code to enable the start orb and desktop, Why? give people the option don't force them. If you force them can only see Win8 being a complete failure.

One problem i have come across is with Netbooks which you would think will be idea to upgrade to Win8 but hold on when Microsoft came up with the netbook spec's the had the screen resolution as 1024 x 600 but Win8 needs a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 so nearly all the netbooks won't be able to upgrade to Win8 as the Metro apps won't run you just get an error saying app can't start as resolution to low. Have treied this on Acer, Toshiba and Samsung netbooks all with same problem.

Have shown win8 that is running on one of my spare laptops to all the people in my office (30+) and friends and relatives, over 90% have said not for them and won't be upgrading As to business use our IT services company have said not to touch Win8 and won't be advising any of the 100+ companies they currently service to switch to Win8

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 21:25 21 Jul 2012

Of course you are running the RC version. Hopefully the end version due October will be better and will even have the 'start' button available for desktop installations. Who knows......

  aquatarkus 03:29 22 Jul 2012

No sorry the start button is gone, as stated above and from Microsoft themselves no start button or traditional desktop. There will be no start button in the RTM version.

Think that Microsoft will have to do the same as they did with Vista, make downgrades to win 7 available.

At the moment can only see this as a disaster, you only have to look at some of the win8 forums to see whats happening, look at the win8 forum here virtualy no interest unlike when Win7 was available as a RC and how busy the PCA forum was.

regards Aquatarkus

  sharpamat 09:08 22 Jul 2012

I have just tried to add a new thread about this. Microsote ard determined the start menu will not be included. However the latest app for win8 may well change this

Wort a look


  sharpamat 09:09 22 Jul 2012


My spelling is wose than ever today

  sharpamat 15:45 22 Jul 2012

Just tryed the stardock and was not really impressed

  KremmenUK 14:34 16 Aug 2012

This thread just mirrors what I'm reading elsewhere. I can't see it taking off for desktop users.

There is no way I'm going to be having a computing session with my arms held up into space.

Win7 just about has it all sorted for me.

Win8 SP1 should be interesting :lol:

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