office xl making backup copies

  conrail 09:58 09 Aug 2019

have a 2nd laptop running windows 10 home with ms office XP, it is not connected to wifi so no security worries over XP, when I save a file in XL it also creates a backup file, so I have 2 files, how do I stop this happening? all help and advice appreciated

  john bunyan 10:47 09 Aug 2019

I thought Office XP was incompatible with Windows 10? Are you using compatibly mode?

  conrail 11:25 09 Aug 2019

thanks for replying John, using the original disc, just installed and running as normal,no problems apart from just started making backup copies, not using compatability mode

  john bunyan 12:29 09 Aug 2019

Hope someone comes up with an answer; I struggle with version 2019!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 09 Aug 2019

are you running the compatability pack? it may be that is making a second file

  conrail 19:23 09 Aug 2019

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, just running it as normal, not compatabitity mode or pack, program been installed for oer a year but this has just started to appear.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:54 10 Aug 2019 also creates a backup file.........

Give me an example of the filename of one of those pesky files. Is it also in the same folder?

  conrail 12:38 10 Aug 2019

Secret-Squirrel, I have opened one of my xl files and saved as and as you can see there is also a backup of the file. click here


  Secret-Squirrel 13:06 10 Aug 2019

.......and as you can see there is also a backup of the file.

Thanks for that.

Click the "File" menu -> Save as -> Tools -> General Options. Untick "Always create a backup".

  Forum Editor 14:36 10 Aug 2019


I have done some deleting and have edited one post, all to get rid of a forum pest who disrupted proceedings. He/she has left us now.

  conrail 21:49 10 Aug 2019

thank you Secret-Squirrel, that has sorted it, I appreciate tour help and advice, also all other contributers, thank you FE, I appreciate your comments and help

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