Office files cause Explorer to crash

  wescliff 18:08 22 Sep 2018

Just started happening. If I click on or try to select any Office file (Word, Excel etc) Explorer crashes. But if I open Word or Excel and open the files from within they work fine. So nothing wrong with the files, must be an Explorer issue. I don't seem to be alone with this but still cannot find a fix. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas. Can always wait for the next Windows install, that might sort it.

  wescliff 18:10 22 Sep 2018

By the way the advice from Microsoft is to wipe the machine and reinstall Windows. Sledgehammer to crack a nut I think. This is a brand new laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 22 Sep 2018

and how old are the office files?

if doc then try saving as docx - check file is valid and delete the old doc file.

  wescliff 18:45 22 Sep 2018

Fairy new, all docx, but I hadn't thought of resaving under new name. Will try it when next turn on, thanks

  lotvic 18:55 22 Sep 2018

Make copies of the files, then you can experiment with the copies without fear of messing up the originals.

  wescliff 09:47 23 Sep 2018

Nothing makes any difference, even newly created files cause a crash. But I have discovered that even just hovering of an Office file to select it starts a process in Task Manager, either Word, Excel etc. These have a sub process called Com Surrogate. Killing all frees Explorer, until select another Office file. I'm convinced this has nothing to do with the files, but is a Windows issue.One of the purposes of this sub process I have discovered is to display thumbnails. As I said earlier, as the next version of Windows will contain a revamped version of Explorer, hopefully it will fix the problem. We will see. In the meantime I will turn off the preview pane next time I'm in and see if that changes anything. If thumbnails can't be displayed perhaps it won't start the process.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:07 23 Sep 2018

Wescliff, the Windows Event Viewer will have logged those Explorer crashes and it may identify the culprit. When you know what's causing the problem then you'll be in a better position to fix it:

Firstly, generate an Explorer crash then immediately head over to Event Viewer. In the top-centre pane look for any Critical or Error events in the "Last hour" column. Double-click an entry to view the full details. When you find the complete info for the Explorer crash, use the Copy button in the bottom left-hand corner and paste the details here.

Let me know too your MS Office version. If it's your own copy then let me know if you first removed the MS Office free trial that may have come pre-installed by HP.

PS: I'm sure you've already tried it, but in case you haven't, restart your computer by clicking the Power icon then choosing "Restart". If it doesn't fix things then carry out my suggestions.

  wescliff 11:43 23 Sep 2018

Turned off Details Pane and IT WORKED. No more crashes. It's the preview that was crashing. I can live with this. Thanks Secret Squirrel, will have a look.

  wescliff 12:42 23 Sep 2018

For the record, Preview Pane works, Details Pane crashes.

  Legit Labs 23:58 23 Sep 2018

This is a common issue if you're trying to open the files from Quick Access in the File Explorer navigation pane rather than their actual file locations within File Explorer. It's possible that the files have been renamed or the network path is now invalid.

You can fix this issue by opening Folder Options and then click on the "Clear" button under the General tab. This'll delete the Explorer history, and the problem should be solved. How to open and configure Folder Options in Windows 10

  wescliff 12:36 24 Sep 2018

Have done some more research on this. The number of people with this same issue is legion, and Microsoft don't have a clue, they are not even aware of it. They can only give pointless suggestions, none of which work. Perhaps one day.

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