Office 2007 problem being retired.

  registered 18:52 25 Jan 2018

As i understand it Windows Office 2007 has been retired. I have this installed on my computer running windows 7 pro.I only use address book and also word for the odd list of medications etc.I also use outlook for connecting to the internet.As microsoft appear to be stopping updates to Office 2007 is there any risk to me from viruses etc if i still use it? If that is the case can someone suggest an alterative as i obviously don`t use all the programmes that come with office.

  Forum Editor 23:22 25 Jan 2018

Office 2007 reached its 'End of life' date on 10th October 2017. It means that although you can continue to use the software, Microsoft is no longer providing updates, bug fixes, or vulnerability fixes for that version of Office.

Your choices are:-

  1. Continue as you are, but in an unprotected state.

  2. Migrate to a newer version of Office - Microsoft wants everyone to use Office 365.

  3. Use another application suite.

Take a look at Open Office it's free, and will be fully compatible with all your MS Office files. You should however, be aware that it doesn't have an email client although there are plenty of third-party options from which to choose.

  registered 18:14 26 Jan 2018

Many thanks for the reply.I will probably get a newer version of Office as i am used to it .Thanks again.

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