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OEM, Upgrade or Full

  Tycho 22:08 13 Feb 2011

Running Vista HP ATM and am finding it can take me as long as 15minutes to get working from a sleeping computer!

What is my best path to upgrade from Vista to W7?

Very puzzled about all the options.


  BRYNIT 22:59 13 Feb 2011

With an upgrade you may still have the glitches.

I would backup everything and do a clean install.

  GaT7 14:20 14 Feb 2011

As BRYNIT suggests, the cause of the slow bootup may not be related to Vista only.

When was the last time you reinstalled Vista afresh or even did a Disk Cleanup? (click here) for instructions for the latter - delete System Restore points & Shadow Copies too.

If you opt for Win7, I'd also recommend doing a clean/fresh install.

If you have 3 systems in the house, the 3-licence HP Upgrade Family Pack would be the most economical - £108 at Amazon click here (£150 at Microsoft click here).

Or, if you are a student/teacher, or have one living with you, then a better (Pro/Ultimate) Academic Win7 edition may appeal to you click here. For eligibility click here. G

  Tycho 18:16 14 Feb 2011

Thanks both

I have done lots of cleanups using Ashampoo and defrags, too.

I don't think that I can do a clean install of Vista with the discs that I have which are:

Recovery DVD
Driver and Utility Disc

but I am happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

The computer came with Vista HP installed.


  GaT7 18:26 14 Feb 2011

In that case you should be able to use the Recovery DVD to return it to its original/factory state. Backup before doing it though, as BRYNIT also recommended. G

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