Odd problem with Vista speed and IE7

  Woolwell 20:53 31 Jul 2008

Running Vista Home Premium, Quad core processor, 4Gb RAM.
Have had a series of odd problems over the past few days. It started when I installed Neato MediaFace 4. I wanted to create some CD labels and have used this in the past on XP. Mediaface 4 is not compatible with Vista but MediaFace 5 is. My intention was to load it and upgrade. Installed MediaFace4 and to my surprise it worked. But I then found that IE7 was corrupt. I could run IE7 without add-ons version but the standard IE7, even with all add-ons disabled, had a corrupted address bar. It took me a good day to work out that it was MediaFace which was causing the problem (the only change to the system). Good job that I mainly use FireFox. Uninstalled MediaFace 4 and browser was back to normal. Installed MediaFace 5. IE7 ok. Printed my labels but then the whole system began to crawl and virtually unusable. Uninstalled Media Face (took a very long time) but the system still crawled and seemed to be getting slower. Tested hard drive, tested RAM, processor and all came up ok. Did a scannow and no problems. Virus and mal-ware ok. Now very puzzled. Tried a system restore to before I attempted anything with Mediaface and got access denied error 0x80070005. Checked that system restore was set to correct drive and it was. Unable to get a system restore so suspected that there must be a corruption somewhere. Last resort before a clean install and I did a chkdsc. This came up without any errors at all. But on start up after this the system began to fly and probably quicker than before the problems.

Any ideas why this has occurred?

Haven’t dare tried a system restore since because it might put it back to a crawl.

  chub_tor 14:46 01 Aug 2008

Temporary files can clog up available memory, perhaps the reboot cleared them and speeded you system up again. Would have been useful if you had looked at Task Manager to see what processes were running when you were at a crawl.

  Woolwell 17:01 01 Aug 2008

I cleared the internet cache and did open task manager and could see nothing untoward and the processor was at a very low percentage.

  chub_tor 17:35 01 Aug 2008

If it is still running as it should then now would be a good time to set a new Restore Point so that you know you have a good one to fall back on.

  Woolwell 18:42 01 Aug 2008

Good point and have now done so with no problems. Still puzzled as to why it slowed. may have to put it down to Vista.

  Woolwell 19:09 01 Aug 2008

I haven't got a problem now and don't know why it happened and think I am unlikely to ever know why so I'll tick as resolved.

  chub_tor 19:24 01 Aug 2008

Please don't blame Vista, I am one of its biggest fans. I find it much more stable than XP (with SP3), and now that Vista has SP1 it is so much quicker to boot up and run and if it does "fall over" it usually fixes itself when it reboots. In fact I prefer Vista so much that I am seriously considering dumping the dual boot function and losing XP altogether. The only reason I haven't done so is that recording streamed audio in Vista has proven difficult. It works but I have to use the Freecorder Toolbar and I hate extra toolbars.

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