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  rscott74 09:02 07 May 2011

I am not an IT expert. I recently had my motherboard replaced by a friend of a friend and the tower was returned with Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit installed. I previously used Vista. I don't have access to an activation key.

What is the best way to obtain a legitimate key? On amazon the price appears to be around £150 which seems hellishly expensive. Searching online there appears to be a UK supplier quoting £18.99.

Does anyone have any advice please?


  Forum Editor 12:12 07 May 2011

If you can't obtain the activation key from the person who installed the software you'll need to buy a new licence from Microsoft.

Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade adviser and take it from there. The adviser will offer you choices, and you can buy the upgrade online.

  a member 17:17 07 May 2011

Dont buy from microsoft ,they are at least 30% more expensive than amazon . but you certainly wont get a key for £18 either ,at least not legitimately . amazon (uk) currently have the home premium edition for £93, that is very competitive . that version will have just about everything the home user needs , and the extra you pay for the ultimate version will only get you a few additional features you will not need (probably) the home premium offer will have everythin you will need including both 32 and 64bit versions, and the all important key . just do a fresh install ,if your current version is working fine then home premium will too . that aside ,why did the person who fixed your PC install a different OS and not give you the means to activate . ?

  rscott74 09:33 08 May 2011

Thanks again merlinx. My machine packed up and my son said he knew someone who could get it fixed - it only cost £60 for supply and fitting new motherboard. The tower came back in full working order and I didn't realise that Windows 7 replacing Vista would give rise to problems.

I'll try and contact the repairer.

Regarding key costs I got it wrong it was £50,for ultimate, from an online site based in this country. I don't know if I can give a name on the forum.

  rdave13 10:13 09 May 2011

Windows 7 always activates after every boot. It's not a one off thing. So getting a key for Ultimate for £50 would ring alarm bells for me. Might work for a few months then one day you'd get the black screen saying it's not genuine. Not saying it will happen but it's a possibility. Tempting as it is, I'd go for the Amazon offer, where you'll know that you get the real thing.

  rscott74 19:51 09 May 2011

Is it in order for me to give the link to the supplier on this forum? The concern is on facebook and can be found on business search.

  Seadog 09:28 12 May 2011


I think you are referring to a certain windows seven key store that "trades" under several different names.

They offer MS Office and Win 7 licences for $25-$30.

It is a scam! There are several complaints on various forums about this so-called firm so don't even think about purchasing something from them.

Just Google the name and find out for yourself.

As the old saying goes "if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't"

  Seadog 09:43 12 May 2011

rscott74 I've just seen your other post - it's not the same outfit as the one I was referring to - however, seems it is the same sort of scam though, as soon as you give them your credit card details they pass them on to someone else and these guys will milk it dry until either it's limit is reached or it is stopped.

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