novatech external hd not recognised

  conrail 11:26 16 Sep 2019

I have a large, as compared to modern external drives, see picture, 1 Tb novatech external hd that was used with an x-box 360, the drive has just been sitting there, unplugged and unused, for a couple of months, I decided to use it as an external backup on my windows 10 home laptop but when I plugged it into my usb 3 port, the drive is usb 3, it doesn't show up, I have an older win10 home laptop, it doesn't show up on there either, I asume it is because it is formatted for the x-box, current laptop is an asus, the older one is an HP, all help and advice appreciated in getting this drive tos be accessible

  conrail 11:28 16 Sep 2019

sorry, forgot to include picture, have one, of many, senior moments: click here

  wee eddie 12:00 16 Sep 2019

First problem: Older USB Drives tend to require more power than a normal laptop USB Port can provide. A splitter cable providing power from 2 USB Ports may be needed.

Secondly: it will need to be reformatted to something suitable for your lappy

  conrail 12:07 16 Sep 2019

thank you wee eddy, the hd has it's own power source, the next question is, how do I get the laptop tomrecognise the drive so I can reformat it?

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