Not responding/Freezing since patch Tuesday ?

  mooly 08:20 12 Sep 2008

Problem - May or may not be coincidence, but my normally very stable system is playing up -- all since the last round of updates.
First boot of the day, IE7 freezes -- not responding message -- when this happens I can't even open task manager, nothing happens. The screen "whites out" and although I can minimize IE to get back to the desktop nothing responds. I have to do a forced shutdown whereupon it 's all OK. Same thing again today, on the first start.
It's an Acer 9301 notebook with with Vista HP.
Any ideas ?
What is strange is it seems to be the first start of the day that gives problems, any starts through the day are fine.

  User-1229748 12:12 12 Sep 2008

if it only happens on the first start of the day i would wait until you are about to turn off for the night and do a system restore back to before the last updates and see if it turns on okay tomorrow.i say wait until tonight because some of the updates were probably security updates.

  User-1229748 12:19 12 Sep 2008

if that does cure the problem i would install the updates again (for security reasons)and then uninstall a different one each night till you find the culprit.bit of a slow fix but if its only happening on the first start,cant think of a quicker way.

  mooly 12:33 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for the suggestions. I may well end up trying that. What I have done this morning just to be on the safe side is restore back to an partition image done on 1st Sept- done with Acronis TI. Have run the updates again, just have to wait and see now.
Thanks -- let you know what happens.

  crosstrainer 14:39 12 Sep 2008

This could also be complete coincidence, and a hardware problem, faulty power or dodgy hdd. Wise to do the backups.

  mooly 16:29 12 Sep 2008

Very true ! Backups are so important, Acronis has saved the day on a couple of occasions. How on earth do folks who dont bother manage.
See what happens tomorrow.

  mooly 07:39 13 Sep 2008

All seems OK today. Will give it a couple of days before ticking it off as resolved. Thanks

  mooly 11:28 14 Sep 2008

All still OK. Ran a disc check--Windows reported "changes to the file system were made" it must be 6 months since the last time I ran chkdisc. Then ran sfc/scannow- reported as "no file violations were found".
Hopefully sorted. Learnt one lesson, I had been running with restore points disabled, said at the time would probably regret it-- I did.

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