not good

  cadx 18:35 19 Apr 2011

I really do not like the new layout...I have put my question in the forum yet I can not find it for my answer...why fix whats not broken...its thumbs down for me!

  a member 09:13 20 Apr 2011

as far as appearance is concerned you can apply a classic look and have windows 7 look just like earlier versions of windows ,most users like the new look ,but quite a few dont probably because they have been using the same OS for so long and dont want to change the appearance or to learn a new way . windows XP for example has gone way past its expected life and was at a point in time that meant it was getting pretty difficult to improve without major changes, windows Vista though totally redesigned the entire interface ,from the ground up ,and i believe Microsoft introduced it before it was quite ready ,it failed to gain popularity for a number of reasons ,one being the new way of working (navigation) etc ,security , were so different from what everyone had been used too ,also the look was radically different ,XP users just hated it and ridiculed it . when in fact it was less problamatic than XP ,when that first came out . I remember all the same arguments about XP when it was launched ,I myself was reluctant to change . windows 7 is by contrast already the most successful OS already ,its far more secure ,more efficient ,and has a wide range of appearance options and add ons , its the least buggy software (at launch) than any other MS software (OS) I have used and had to change all of the microsoft OSs from windows 95 to windows 7 , and the same complaints about (why change) and "if it aint broke dont fix it " have cropped up every time a new OS is launched , I have learned that if you get hold of the newer OS as soon as its available its better in the long run , windows 7 has a new way of working compared to windows XP ,but it is a better system (100%). As for the "dont fix it if it aint broke" statement that is patently untrue of all OSs ,from the day they are launched, ALL OSs without exception, need to be continually updated and fixed for their entire life ,this is not because the OS is bad ,its because outside influences constantly attack windows and during the life of any OS you can expect many (in the case of XP) hundreds of security fixes and updates. I did not particularly like vista when it came out, but I am used to it now ,a few weeks is all thats needed to understand a new OS ,many will resist however ,but that is their loss.

  a member 09:17 20 Apr 2011

I just realize you were almost certainly posting about the new forum layout ,although as this was the windows 7 forum my first impression was that you were posting about windows 7 (layout /appearance etc.) the words "dropped" and "clanger" therefore apply here ,however I have now answered a question that has not yet been asked ,so I will save some time in the future . apologies.

  Graphicool1 09:39 20 Apr 2011


What 'Forum' did you post your (unfound) question in and what was it's title?

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