Not another DVD rom problem....

  darkreign 21:31 22 Aug 2007

...yep. unfortunately.

My LG dvd rom doesn't seem to be recognised by vista. Thinking this was a fault with my dvd rom (seeing as it used to work but has suddenly stopped), I went out and brought another LG one.

Yet my hopes were in vain cos the new one isn't being recognised also. To say i'm a newbie to computer's is an overstatement of the century.

So, my dvd used to work before and allowed me to play games, listen to music, but now, it just gives me the 2 finger treatment. Can't understand what could be causing this! My new dvd rom has the same problem!

Can anybody help?

  skidzy 22:21 22 Aug 2007

Are the drives recognised in Computer ?

Have a look at my posting click here

  darkreign 14:58 23 Aug 2007

I have removed the the nero burning software. But still no joy. My drive does not show on 'computer' although it does show a floppy drive...but i have no floppy drive!

Device manager recognises the dvd rom and says the best drivers are already installed. However it still says that it is not fuctioning properly and gives 'code 31' as the reason.

Following the steps in your helpfull link, i'll attempt to remove the filters. But when you click on 'start' there is only a search box where 'run' used to be in xp (the place i think we could type "regedit")! Do i still type in 'regedit' in the search box or does the 'run' option still exist somewhere?

I'll give it a go when i get home, and let you know.


ps. Doug Knox has an 'xp_cd-dvd fix' link. Will that work with vista and has anybody had success with that?

  skidzy 16:11 23 Aug 2007

Did you try the tests in my link ? If not:

Code 31

Missing cd/dvd drives can be normally associated with the removal of burning software such as Nero/Roxio/Sonic/Easy CD Creator etc.
And not showing the drive in My Computer.

Try the below link ,if still no luck follow the Procedure of removing the upper and lower filters.

click here

If no joy with the above fix,try the Microsoft Guided Help

click here scroll down to the Guided help download and follow the instructions.

If still no joy,follow the manual fix below.

If you have further any error codes,please post them.

Restore Missing CD/Dvd Drives

Missing cd/dvd drive
If it is showing an error code:
Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 39, or Code 41
, delete the drive.

Then follow these directions for clearing the Upper/Lower Filters: (might want to print this out)

1. Click on Start --> Run --> and type in 'regedit' followed by the enter key ( if Vista Start search or windows+R )
2. Expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" key (looks like a folder) by double clicking it (or
3. clicking the "+" next to it.)
4. Expand the "SYSTEM" Key
5. Expand the "CurrentControlSet" Key
6. Expand the "Control" Key
7. Expand the "Class" Key
8. Please look for a key containing the following string of letter and numbers:
9. High light this key by left clicking once on it
10. On the right hand side you are looking for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" under the "Name" column, once you find these please delete them by right clicking on them and choosing "delete"
11. Please exit the registry by clicking on the "X" in the top right hand corner of the screen

Reboot your computer

.If in any doubt editing the registry,please create a System Restore point first and also backup your registry....The guidedhelp from Microsoft on backing up the registry is a good lesson for anyone to learn. click here

Creating a System Restore point:

Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore…follow the prompts.

Though this is particurly aimed at xp,it has been known to work in Vista.

  darkreign 16:28 23 Aug 2007

...i haven't tried anything in your link yet because i'm not at home.

But when i do get home i'll try reloading nero to see if that brings my dvd rom back into play. otherwise i'll follow your other advise.

Thx Skidzy

  darkreign 16:24 24 Aug 2007


I discovered that the error code was '39' rather then the '31' as i had previously thought. I have followed you're instructions of removing filters and found that only 'lower filters' existed so i deleted them and then rebooted... works. I can't believe it is actually working. The dvd drive is shown on my 'computer' and can read the disks i put in (tried music and vista mag cd).

This is fantastic, i can now play the cheap childish games i've brought.

THANK YOU SKIDZY without your guidance i'd have gone in circles without hope.

I have now installed Roxio cd creator instead of nero.

And will be following your guidance (in other threads) to replace Norton with other essential and reliable security progs.


  skidzy 19:44 24 Aug 2007

darkreign glad your sorted now.

Some advice for your security click here

Most from the above link are now Vista compatible.

Norton Removal Tool: click here

  darkreign 19:49 25 Aug 2007

You're a diamond.


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