Not all programmes showing in Programmes and Features

  Sonjaday 10:11 01 Oct 2014

Hello I had some wonderful help from the kind, very patient contributors to your site in June of this year. I can't believe I'm back so soon, looking for more help.

I am using a Packard Bell laptop running windows 7, 64bit. I have been having a problem which I think is between Google Chrome browser and hotmail or any Microsoft site. Hotmail/Outlook just hangs up and I have problems opening emails or working in hotmail/outlook at all. After searching, I saw lots people with the same problems I decided to uninstall and reinstall Chrome, but when I went to programmes and features there were only a small amount of programmes there. I'm not sure whether these two problems are linked, but I thought I'd mention it. I had to reinstall ccleaner because the programme couldn't be found and that has now appeared in the programmes list. So new programmes seem to be showing in the list, but not older programmes.

I then checked my pc to see if everything was working and saw that Windows Firewall was not working properly, there was an error message Windows Firewall can't change some of your setting error code 0x80070424. In Advanced Security I had the error code 0x6D9.

I seem to have a lot of problems and I'm hoping for help please.

Thank you so much.


  Sonjaday 13:57 01 Oct 2014

Hello Jock1e You were one of the kind people I mentioned in my post, you helped me last June, thank you for that. I am running Avast and I didn't think that that would have made a difference to Windows Firewall not working.
I've tried sfc/scannow and no problems were found, so I've just repeated it and still nothing found. After posting my query, I found some information on a base filtering engine (BFE) file which was missing and after a few tries I managed to find one which worked on my laptop. So Windows firewall is working now, but I'm thinking I should only have one firewall working at any one time. Perhaps you could advise me. Could you explain a how to do a good configuration please. Do you mean good configuration of Windows. I tried previous versions of chrome, but it didn't help with the hotmail/outlook problem. Thank you for trying to help. Sonja

  Sonjaday 21:04 02 Oct 2014

Yes Jock1e I'm using the free version of Avast.

Thank you for explaining the safe mode again, when I followed your instructions, I remembered doing it a lot last time! I've made notes this time. I tried Last Good Configuration and rebooted, but it was still the same, so I went into safe mode again and tried the System Repair, but it's still the same.
I have downloaded Firefox and I can use Hotmail/Outlook fine with that, although it isn't so good on some sites, so I'm keeping the two open!!

I followed the link you gave and tried to reset Chrome, but after another reboot there was no difference.

Do you have an opinion on why I can't see my programmes, in Programmes and Features? I still have IE and would rather uninstall it as I haven't used it for a long time and haven't included it in Windows update.

Thank you for your help.

  Sonjaday 21:22 02 Oct 2014

I posted this reply with Firefox, but didn't realise that it hadn't been sent, because there was a message about corrupt script on the site and I had a choice to debug it, which I did and then I lost my reply.

I typed it again and went to send it, but Firefox wasn't responsive, so I clicked on Chrome to try with that and there was my reply, it had shown up on Chrome, ablbeit after some time, but it was still hung up with Firefox!!

Heck, I'm beginning to think there's a lot wrong with my laptop.

  Sonjaday 14:16 03 Oct 2014

Thank you so much Jock1e

I download all Windows updates, apart from IE, which I don't use, but can't uninstall because it isn't in the programme list.

I checked Task Manager and apart from Chrome and Firefox, nothing else is taking up too much processing power. (I think!)

I downloaded the Surfright programme and ran it and it didn't find any threats, just 32 traces.

I dowloaded an unstall file for AVG as I think was suggested by rdave13 and secret-squirell and of course you and a few others. At that time I was unable to access the internet and I had to rely on a tablet which I was only using because of the problem I was having with my laptop. I found searching the replies tricky and missed a few posts at one time and repeated myself, I also think I caused a problem between two people and I was mortified and still am. I didn't intend to cause any problems, so I thank you for staying with me with this one.

I also tried your suggestion to reset Windows Firewall and I had this message: Windows Firewall Can't change some of your settings, error code 0x80070424. I had this error message when I first looked at the Firewall and it was to do with a BFE file (base filtering engine). At the time I managed to find information to fix this and the firewall worked again, so I'll have to look again at the information I found and try to redo it!

I've tried CCleaner and it didn't come up with anything much wrong. Apart from I seem to have two versions of Avast 6 and 8. I had 12 copies of msxml4.dll which is Sony and 14 copies of shellmanager.dll which is to do with Nero which I don't use!!! All thanks to you I looked at CCleaner in much more detail and used parts of it I hadn't used before.

I initially tried a System Restore, but it didn't help so I reverted back to the original. Do you think if I try a restore point further back it may help?

Thank you for all the time you're spending on this, it is so much appreciated.


  Sonjaday 16:26 03 Oct 2014

Hello Jock1e

Hope you're still with me, after reading all your advise, I tried System Restore again and went back to the furthest date available and I now have all my programmes showing in Programmes and Features. I then tried to open a chrome browser window and it wouldn't work, so I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome, I'm using that now, so I'll see whether I still have a conflict problem with Outlook.

I can't thank you enough, it all takes such a long time 'fiddling' to try to put things right, but without your kindness once again, I would be really stuck.

I too, noticed that a lot of people were asking for help with the missing programmes problem, but that not a lot of help was forthcoming, it seems to be a tricky problem to sort out.

Thank you very much once again for all the time and effort you've spent.


  Sonjaday 14:03 05 Oct 2014


Thank you very much for all the help you so willing gave me for the second time in a few months that I've had problems.

I'm going to keep your suggestions in case I have problems in the future!!

Best wishes


  Sonjaday 17:51 07 Oct 2014

Thank you Jock1e,

The grey tick is now green, completely solved, with much thanks.

Thank you for that bit of advice as well I hadn't done that before!!!

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