Not able to see pictures on full screen

  belayer 19:24 20 Feb 2018

Just did a full re-install of Windows 10 due to problems with the system.

Double click on a jpeg file does nothing, it will not appear on screen as a large picture, does not associate with any graphics app at all, in fact I can't find any evidence that there is any app on the system at all. HELP!

  belayer 19:31 20 Feb 2018

Looking at my list of installed Apps there is no Photo Viewer, it gives me the option of choosing one online, but the link to microsoft store is not installed (? weird!), so its a dead end.

Don't know what to do other than buy an Apple Mac!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 20 Feb 2018

as you have just reinstalled try a settings - update and security - recovery -reset

  [DELETED] 20:49 20 Feb 2018

Try rebooting the PC not shutting down. See if that fixes the error. If not then go to settings, Update and security, recovery and then reset this pc and 'get started'. Not sure why a fresh install hasn't worked correctly. Try rebooting a couple of times first though.

  AroundAgain 23:24 20 Feb 2018

It could be that you just need to assign default programs to open the various extensions.

Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps

  belayer 11:38 21 Feb 2018

around again, no, it only offers me the options of Paint and Paint 3D. I have re-intsalled Windows 10 twin to try and get it to work but it refuses to install a link to MS Store, and without that it is not possible to get Photos.

The Latest Upgrade from Microsoft seems faulty.

  AroundAgain 11:46 21 Feb 2018

Try this link I found it when looking for a way to get classic Windows Photo Viewer back and as default but it also covers how to get WPV too

click here

  wiganken2 13:19 21 Feb 2018

Install IrfanView. See click here It is a highly rated program. Hope it's what you want.

  leoaubrie 13:48 21 Feb 2018

I would restart and right click the picture file and choose properties to check if the file has been assigned to any software.

  [DELETED] 13:56 21 Feb 2018

I would start again with creating a new windows 10 installation media. Backup all your documents etc. and do a clean install. Delete all partitions during the installation process and let Windows automatically create them. Install on the largest partition obviously. If Store is corrupted on a new installation I'm thinking on the lines that the installation media may be corrupt.

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