Not able to delete a program

  Technoob 04:52 31 Dec 2007

I downloaded a program, now when i got to prgram and features and try to uninstall it, it starts to do it and then just randomly closes, any advice?

  tullie 05:21 31 Dec 2007

Find file and delete manually?

  Technoob 05:40 31 Dec 2007

i tried looking for the file, i mean just deleting the icons isnt gonna delete the files

  tullie 07:19 31 Dec 2007

Err,you wont be deleating just the icon.Find where it is installed and delete it,then run ccrap cleaner or similer to clean odds and sods up.

  Pine Man 09:53 31 Dec 2007

You could also try re-installing the program and then it may well be removable.

  anskyber 11:21 31 Dec 2007

Are you using the add/remove programs in Control Panel?

Some programs can only be removed using the programs own uninstaller which can often be found in start, all programs and choose the program in question.

If you have partly uninstalled as Pine Man has said you may need to reinstall first.

  Technoob 04:50 01 Jan 2008

ok heres whats happening, i try to uninstall it and you know how sometimes if the program is in use itll tell u to shut it down before uninstalling it, well its giving me a access denied. i am the onl account on this computer, i am the admin, so dont know why its not doing it, its not like some other program is using it or something, any advice?

  Pine Man 08:25 01 Jan 2008

I still think you should try re-installing and try again.

  Technoob 04:36 02 Jan 2008

ok pineman, did that, still no luck

  STREETWORK 06:28 02 Jan 2008

Try this;

open the start up options by clicking start, run and then type in msconfig

look for the offending program and make sure its no starting automatically from the start up tab by removing the tick.

Reboot the Pc and then either use the softwares own unintaller or windows add/remove programs.

  Technoob 06:33 02 Jan 2008

nope, its not even on the list

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