No upgrade path to Win 7 for us

  canarieslover 19:23 25 Jun 2009

It sems as though we are not going to be treated to the same upgrade path as previous Windows allowed. A complete retail disc will be shipped. click here

  ulrich 19:56 25 Jun 2009

I will not part with my cash no matter how many people tell me it is the best, just because it was a freebie.

  Input Overload 19:57 25 Jun 2009

Just as well I have a close friend in Florida.

  AL47 20:09 25 Jun 2009

ive never bought an OS only ever changed when buying a new comp

seems like a waste to me, and its quite a lot of money, id buy it for say £30 otherwise stick with vista

  Armchair 20:16 25 Jun 2009

£150? Nearly buy a new PC for that. How long do you think I can carry on using XP? Getting on for seven years now.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:48 25 Jun 2009

I think they were saying it's £79.99. Bit of a confusing article.

  Armchair 21:00 25 Jun 2009

Have I misread it/ If I wanted to swap out XP for 7 in this PC, it would set me back £149.99, wouldn't it?

Not that I would............

  norman47 21:05 25 Jun 2009

all those who forked out good money for windows ME, er I mean Vista will be chomping at the bit to buy the next WOW factor, 7.

The vast majority of sales will be just like Vista, you are forced to have it with a new machine unless you can get the drivers and upgrade it to Linux or XP.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:08 25 Jun 2009
  Al94 21:10 25 Jun 2009

I want a new laptop and was hoping that there would be an upgrade as I dont want Vista on it - will just have to wait a while longer now!

  Forum Editor 22:53 25 Jun 2009

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