No sounds from speakers

  vsmith 11:01 09 Mar 2007

Hi could anyone help please, I have a new PC with vista running and an onboard sound card, which according to Vista is working as it should.

The speakers I have worked fine on my XP machine. they are powered speakers and the cable is in the correct green slot. I have checked as much as I can to find if they are muted anywhere, and all systems show they are not. I went to Windows Media Player and set up speakers, but still now sounds.

Does anyone know if there is somewhere else within the system that might be muting the sound.

The PC is only a few days old and I am now at a loss to where to look.


  Pine Man 12:40 09 Mar 2007

If your PC is like mine, right click on the 'speaker' in the task bar and select 'playback devices'.

You should then find devices for your speakers and output device. Right click on the speaker device and you will be able test and configure your speakers.

Similarly with the output device you can carry out a test.

  vsmith 15:38 09 Mar 2007

I did what you suggested but found nothing there with regard to speakers only found Audio device that it said was working normal. The drivers for it are installed and uptod date.

I cannot find speakers there to configure, should they show there ?

thanks for you help

  Pine Man 15:46 09 Mar 2007

Unfortunately I can only go on what mine shows.

I have onboard audio and have recently installed a sound card.

When I go to the 'playback devices' I get four entries: the first entry is for speakers and it relates to the second entry which is the sound card. The third entry is for speakers again and is related to the onboard audio which is the fourth entry.

The first two entries are 'enabled' and the second two entries are 'disabled'.

Hope this helps.

  vsmith 15:49 09 Mar 2007

It shows no speakers for me there what so ever, I am wondering if my speakers might not be compatible with Vista, I beleive they should show up somewere but they dont

  Pine Man 16:31 09 Mar 2007

I can't imagine that speakers wouldn't be compatible with Vista - do they need some form of power to enable them to work?

  Pine Man 16:33 09 Mar 2007

Further to the above: when I right click on the 'audio device' under 'playback' I get an option to 'Test' - do you have this?

  vsmith 11:04 12 Mar 2007

Hi yes I do have that but it still gives out no sound

It says I have a High Definition Audio device ADI ADI 1986A SoundMAX 6 channel Codec
Which is working properly

Under drivers Hardware & Sound

It says

Digital Output Device (SPDIF)

any help would be appreciated, and thanks Pine Man I tried all the things you suggested, still no luck

  Pine Man 12:11 12 Mar 2007

Just a thought - has the software for the onboard audio actually been loaded - not just the drivers.

Check C:Program Files and look for Analog Devices or SoundMax to see if the software exists. If it does and you have a disk try re-installing it.

  SteveWH 17:17 12 Mar 2007

Have you tried going into device manager in control panel, right click on your sound device and choose update driver - browse my computer for driver software then point it to your audio install disc which should have come with your new machine or on the Motherboard software disk.

Failing this I would get in touch with your PC vendor who should have loaded all the software before you got it.

  vsmith 14:19 14 Mar 2007

Yes I went into up date driver and it told me I had the most up to date driver for my device.

Well I searched for Soundmax and found no drivers listed so I went to ASUS the manufacturer of my motherboard, and serched there, and found a beta version dated 2 Feb 2007 for SoundMax ADI Audio Driver for 32bit Windows Vista. I have downloaded itbut not yet installed it..

I wonder, could this be the answer, seeing as there is no drivers installed on my PC called SoundMax and my Device is exactly as shown on the motherboard downloads.

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