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No Sound no matter what I do

  jefferz61 17:30 21 Oct 2019

Hi.. I would be extremely grateful for any thoughts or advice.

I have a windows 10 computer that has no sound. I have tried the on board sound card and also 2 other sound cards. I have also tried 2 different speaker systems, a 5:1 and a 2:1. All I get when looking at the speaker Icon on the taskbar is "No Audio Output Device |Is installed". Troubleshooting informs me there is no problem to be found. trying to change the sound settings is impossible as it doesn't recognise anything and thus doesn't function.

I've tried to update all the drivers, updated window and i get nothing. Under the device manager it says "Sound, video games and controllers" it says "High Definition Audio".

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

  wee eddie 18:38 21 Oct 2019

Sounds as if it might be the type of plug you are using

  Govan1x 23:23 21 Oct 2019

Are you using a TV as a monitor.or is it an all in one.

  jefferz61 12:20 22 Oct 2019

Hi guys, thank you for your responses thus far.

In answer to wee eddie, I'm using a standard UK wall plug on the 5:1 system and the 2:1 system is powered by USB.

In answer to Govan1x, i am using an Acer monitor. I also had another monitor attached a couple of days ago but the issue was the same.

  wee eddie 14:27 22 Oct 2019

And green/pink Jack Plugs. What type are they?

  jefferz61 14:56 22 Oct 2019

The 2:1 is just green, the 5:1 is green/pink

  jefferz61 19:21 22 Oct 2019

Thank you for your time gentlemen... after considerable time i have finally resolved the issue via software updates.

  Awingedangel 03:47 05 Nov 2019

Take it to the repair shop.

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