No Sound ASUS G53SX Win10

  shurai 20:36 22 Apr 2017

I really need help, never had an issue like this before.

I have a Bose Soundlink Mini connected to my Asus G53SX with Win10 by bluetooth. (Just reformatted but still persists) I'm not sure if it's the drivers or the bluetooth but I get sound that stutters and sometimes my computer will freeze all video whether on the internet or in a media player.

Issue One: If I stop playing a video or music for about a minute, then start playing it again the sound will stutter until I either remove the device from the bluetooth list or turn off the Bose speaker and turn it back on. Same thing will happen immediately after if I don't play any sound for a minute or so.

Issue two: When I turn off the speaker the computer blacks out for a moment, then comes back but will not play video (even display the video or scrub through the timeline) or music. From a local file or on the internet, neither will play until I go to Playback devices and select Realtek High Definition Audio.

Issue three: If I plug in my USB VOip headset no sound works, even when I switch Playback devices and video or music will not playback.

Windows will "Detect Audio" issues and run a troubleshooter but will just hang on the detecting problems screen. I looked in Device Manager under sound and saw "nvidia hd audio" and "Realtek high definition audio". I uninstalled nvidia but problem still persists.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong, I have never had sound issues disrupt even scrubbing through a video on the internet. I even get disconnected form the the internet temporarily when I turn on the Bose speaker, and I'm hardwired in on LAN.

Help would be greatly appreciated, it didn't do this a few months ago and the Bose Speaker works just fine with my Surface Pro 3 and Iphone.

  rdave13 21:14 22 Apr 2017

Once you boot up check task manager and see how much CPU processor is in use. Leave it for a time to settle down. Might be cloud or telemetry or similar trying to complete. Once the CPU settles in the low percentages, in idle, reboot (not shutdown) as that will restart all drivers and processes from fresh. From your problems you might be better off turning off 'Fast Startup'.

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