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No signal after disabling mobo onboard graphics

  Skelo10 14:17 30 Dec 2016

I disabled my motherboards onboard graphics via device manager on windows by accident and when I restarted my pc,it did not boot(no signal on monitor).All my fans are working fine.Normally you would unplug the HDD and and leave only one stick of ram and the cpu,then you would remove and replace the the CMOS battery in order to re enable the onboard graphics ,it did not work . I called my mobo manufacturer explaining my situation, turns out they have no other way of helping me out if CMOS clear does not work.So I was thinking if I were to replace the mobo with a new mobo of the exact same model,will my computer boot(with the same cpu,ram and HDD)as the onboard graphics on that mobo are enabled?

  alanrwood 14:44 30 Dec 2016

As you disabled it in Windows maybe CMOS clear won't work anyway. Go you get anything at all when trying to boot up ie the POST data.

  Skelo10 14:45 30 Dec 2016

Nothing at all (no signal)

  Burn-it 15:02 30 Dec 2016

How long did you leave the CMOS battery out? It may take some time for the settings to clear. It is better to remove it AND short the CMOS RESET pins. You could also borrow a plug in card just to let you in to reset it.

  BRYNIT 15:06 30 Dec 2016

I'm surprised that the onboard graphics were disabled from within windows without a dedicated graphics card being installed as it usually ask you to confirm any changes.

Are you sure the monitor cables are correctly connected. Do you get any message on the monitor when connected and when not connected to the motherboard. Usually when not connected you should get a no signal message.

Do you have or can you borrow a graphics card to install on this computer as it should allow you to get into the bios and reset any changes.

If you supply the make/model of the motherboard it may help others give more advice.

  Skelo10 15:07 30 Dec 2016

I left the CMOS battery out for at least 15minutes.Jumping the CMOS pins does not work.(no signal)

  Skelo10 15:10 30 Dec 2016

The model of my MOBO is "Gigabyte f2a68hm-hd2" CPU is an amd a8 series processor,I dont know the exact model of the CPU,sorry.

  Skelo10 15:15 30 Dec 2016

There is nothing wrong with my cables or monitor as they worked with my laptop. I've connected a brand new gpu(gigabyte rx 460)to the motherboard and connected hdmi to the monitor and gpu card.My psu exceeds the requirements of the gpu which requires at least a 350watts psu ,so I know the card is compatible.Gpu fans are working fine but there is still no signal on my Monitor.

  Jollyjohn 18:28 30 Dec 2016

you need a very very basic graphics card, simple PCI, if you can find one and you will need to wait for Windows to run the "Found New Hardware Wizard", install the drivers and then reboot - hopefully then you will a screen and be able to get back to Windows and re enable the onboard graphics.

  Jollyjohn 18:31 30 Dec 2016

To answer your question "If I get exactly the same motherboard will it work" - I don't think so because you disabled the device (onboard graphics) in Windows, not in the BIOS.

  Burn-it 14:30 31 Dec 2016

Jumping the CMOS pins does not work.(no signal)

The point of those pins is to SHORT them with a jumper. That clears the saved content of the CMOS. You should then go into the BIOS setup screen and re-enter the correct settings.

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