No login screen after nVidia driver install

  Pzychotic 11:21 10 Oct 2015

I went to turn on my PC this morning and after the little Windows 10 loading icon appears, the login screen where you enter your pin didn't load. Instead I was presented with a black screen. After a few minutes the computer automatically restarted and the repair wizard came up, along with a message there was a "DPCWATCHDOGVIOLATION" issue. Rebooting did not fix the issue, and I ran a DSKCHK which also didn't fix things. After some Googling I came to understand the message could mean anything from a hardware issue to a problem with drivers.

Doing a Windows 10 reset didn't solve the issue, so I did a complete reformat with my Windows 7 Professional DVD. This seemed to do the trick and I was able to get to the desktop. I considered the problem fixed so started installing drivers. I installed the network drivers first, no problem. Then I installed the latest graphics drivers for my nVidia 590 GTX and restarted. The problem reoccurred (black screen in place of the login).

Thinking it might be an issue with the latest driver I again reformatted repeating the above steps but this time I installed an earlier driver version. Same problem. This leaves me to conclude it's a problem with the graphics card itself. Any advice on how I can verify or fix this or is the best option to go and get a new card? :(

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