No internet connection after AVG uninstall

  bb54wayne 11:04 06 Jun 2017

Hello everyone A new member here hoping for some help or advice from the experts.

After uninstalling AVG on my Asus 56j win 7 pro laptop i am able to connect to my router but i have no internet access. My router is working fine with other computers and my Asus with the issue connects to the internet wired and wirelessly when i put my old hard drive back in. I surmise it is a software or settings issue as all hardware seems to work fine.

When i run the trouble shooter i am told there is a wireless adapter or access point problem. In network and sharing centre i see "unidentified network"

I have looked into access point, network adapters and unidentified network problems on the net and followed all instructions but to no avail.

I have tried command prompt int ip reset, changing TCP/IPV4 settings as instructed, uninstalled drivers etc as instructed but to no avail. I have put everything i changed back to how they were.

Network adapter drivers in device manager are latest versions and everything is working according to windows.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  q33ny 12:00 06 Jun 2017

Try running avast uninstall tool from safe mode and reboot.  Click here for tool.

  rdave13 16:41 08 Jun 2017

Try resetting winsok . If TCP/IP or Internet Protocol has been corrupter when removing an AV (it can happen) then reset TCP/IP .

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