No bootable device – insert boot disc

  dlguk 17:00 23 Sep 2015

Whilst trying to clone an HDD image to an SSD using Paragon software and a USB 3 caddy things went wrong. Not sure but was aware the caddy light blinked then nothing. Anyway now when I try to boot up the Acer I get the “No bootable device – insert boot disc and press any key”. I have a Win7 SP1 disc but cannot repair or perform a non destructive install. Is there a work around or should I just clean install to the SSD? Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 23 Sep 2015

sounds like it's corrupted the boot files on the HDD or the master boot file

if you have a back up and all your install files for your programs it may be better to do a clean install to the SSD.

  dlguk 19:00 23 Sep 2015

Cheers Fruit Bat /\0/\, sorry for the delay but technology is haunting me at the moment, phone, tablet and this Dell. Still thank you and I will just do that. If I don't reply to anything else, its because I can't. Thank you.

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