No arrows on desktop shortcuts

  wescliff 13:27 07 Apr 2018

Just noticed, none of my desktop Shortcuts have an arrow on them and neither do newly created shortcuts. Is there a setting somewhere so they can be put back. Grateful for any help.

  wee eddie 13:34 07 Apr 2018

Shortcuts that you create have a curly arrow in the corner.

Shortcuts that come from within the Software itself, do not have an arrow.

  wescliff 13:46 07 Apr 2018

That's what I mean, those I drag to desktop and choose create shortcut here have no arrows.

  wee eddie 14:33 07 Apr 2018

Because, if you have dragged it onto your Desktop, it is not Shortcut. it is a copy of whatever you have just dragged.

  wescliff 14:46 07 Apr 2018

Sorry but no, when you drag and let go there is a small menu, one option is to create a shortcut. Doesn't matter anymore because they've just reappeared. Strange.

  wee eddie 15:25 07 Apr 2018

Drag using a Left Click. Open an Options Box ~ Right Click

  AroundAgain 17:43 07 Apr 2018

I've noticed that, recently, all my desktop shortcuts now don't show the arrow in the bottom left-hand corner. They are definitely shortcuts - if I R/c and open Properties, it describes as shortcut

I assumed this was something to do with Win 10 recent update, or something

  [DELETED] 17:49 07 Apr 2018

Usually fixes itself after a reboot. However a lot on the net seem to be irritated by the arrow hence mrcalif 's post. Just a bug I think.

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