Newly appeared shortcuts won't delete

  grifval 13:33 15 Oct 2008

(2 things, and I don't know if they are connected!)

FIRST: I have discovered 2 shortcuts in my 'Games' Start Button folder. One is SimCity and the other one is a Steam game:Dark Messiah, Might and Magic: Single player. I don't know anything about them. THEY WON'T DELETE. I have even tried going into Safe Mode to delete them but no luck. The r/click doesn't have the delete option. Dragging them to the Recycle bin justs make them reform again. There is no reference in my Registry of these, and I have no programs of these names in my Program Files folder, so I presume they have been installed to play over the Internet. How do I get rid of them?

SECOND: About once a day, without any warning, my menus and my slide bars go very unstable. On the menus, a bar runs up and down the menu if you try to click on it, and it cannot be controlled by the mouse. The slide bars just go up and down of their own free will. WEIRD. I have to reboot to get control of them again.

Windows Defender, Spybot & C, AdAware and AVG Virus protection ALL state that I have no problems with my PC and everything is running normally.

  Teaboy 16:51 15 Oct 2008

Have you tried a search to see if you can find the folder these games are in,and then delete from there?

  grifval 17:00 15 Oct 2008

Have run searches using different key words in Registry and my files and folders. No luck. I will do a manual search to see if I can find them.

  skidzy 19:05 15 Oct 2008

Try Unlocker click here best run in safemode.

Revo Uninstaller may also remove these for you click here

Failing the above,File Assassin should sort this for you click here (USE WITH CAUTION)

If the above fails to clear these,post back and i can give further instructions.

Also run Ccleaner click here run the cleaner and the registry section.Follow the prompts and save the registry backup.Once scanned and cleaned,reboot the computer.

Also run Malwarebytes click here Download/install/update and then boot into safemode and run.

  grifval 22:54 15 Oct 2008

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try them one by one and get back to you. Sorry this post is late replying, but I have only just come in.

  grifval 16:29 17 Oct 2008

50% success, found one file called MAXIS which I found produced the SimCity. Deleted folder and the shortcut disappeared from the Games folder. Updated graphics driver but that made no difference to the unstable menus and slidebars. All checks I do on PC still report I have no problems.

  Steven15 13:52 18 Oct 2008

Since your scans come up clean for nasties I am just wondering if the problem with random scrolling may be mouse or keyboard related you could try updating your drivers or using a different mouse and keyboard.

  grifval 23:48 18 Oct 2008

I have now changed my mouse from a wireless one to a wired PS2 mouse and will monitor that.
Nothing shows on my PC that deposited the Steam:Dark Messiah shortcut into my Games folder.

  grifval 16:28 21 Oct 2008

It must have been the wireless mouse, as I have not had any problems with menus and slidebars for the last 3 days since changing mouse to a wired one. Still no answer to Dark Messiah problem.

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